Have you heard about the world's longest road trip? It goes all the way to North Korea!

Contrary to popular belief, the longest possible road trip in the world is not in the United States, but across Europe, including France. This incredible adventure begins in Portugal and ends in North Korea. Discover the stages of this exceptional journey.

A breathtaking itinerary

The starting point for this road odyssey is Sagres, a small town in the far south-west of Portugal. The journey then continues for several thousand kilometres, passing through a variety of landscapes and cultures.

The main stages

The highlights of this extraordinary career include :

  • Crossing Spain and France Madrid and Paris are two of Europe's must-see capitals.
  • Exploring Eastern Europe With visits to the historic cities of Prague, Budapest and Moscow to name but a few.
  • A foray into Central Asia You'll be able to admire the architectural wonders of Samarkand (Uzbekistan) and the lunar landscapes of the Pamir (Tajikistan).
  • Crossing China One of the world's largest and most populous countries, offering unique cultural and geographical diversity.
  • The final stage in North Korea A country that is often misunderstood and mysterious, bringing this exceptional adventure to a close.

A human and logistical adventure

The world's longest road trip requires a certain amount of organisation if it is to be completed in the best possible conditions. It's a journey that allows you to discover different cultures, languages and landscapes, but also to come to terms with the political and administrative realities of each country you cross.

Essential preparation and equipment

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for this adventure:

  • Find out about the formalities to be completed at embassies and consulatesThese include visas and authorisations required to enter the country.
  • Choosing the right vehicle Choose a robust, comfortable model that can cover long distances and withstand a wide range of climatic conditions.
  • Plan your route Take into account the seasons and any cultural or religious events that may be of interest during your trip, and adapt your itinerary accordingly.
  • Bring the necessary equipment Remember to bring a map, a GPS, clothing suited to the different weather conditions and the appropriate means of communication.
  • Taking out travel insurance Medical cover: it's vital to have medical cover in case of an emergency, especially when venturing into faraway countries.

Doing good by travelling

As well as being a unique experience, this road trip also represents an opportunity toacting responsibly and in a spirit of solidarity. Long-distance travel can have a negative impact on the environment and cause cultural and social damage.

Adopting eco-responsible practices

To limit these risks, here are a few good practices:

  • Opt for a less polluting vehicleThese include hybrid and electric models.
  • Don't throw your rubbish out in the open and use reusable or compostable packaging.
  • Saving resources by limiting water and energy consumption during the journey.
  • Supporting local sustainable development projectsThis is achieved through financial donations and active participation in local environmental and social initiatives.

In short, the world's longest road trip is an exceptional challenge that requires meticulous preparation from both a logistical and human point of view. It's an invitation to surpass oneself, to open up to others and to discover the cultural and natural riches of our planet, while acting responsibly and in a spirit of solidarity.

Alex Martin

Alex is a visual storyteller whose lens captures the essence of the destinations he explores. A professional photographer, he shares techniques for capturing stunning images that tell a story, as well as guides for photography enthusiasts who want to improve their travel skills.

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