Wow: what is this Chinese-Picardian fusion cuisine to celebrate New Year's Eve in Amiens?

The fusion of cuisines is a worldwide trend that continues to grow. Unique flavours, ingenious blends of ingredients and boundless creativity are the reasons behind this gastronomic evolution. Chinese and Picardy cuisine are no exception, and a perfect illustration of this harmonious marriage between two cultures. So, to celebrate the New Year in a convivial and gourmet spirit, let yourself be tempted by an original culinary discovery

The culinary heritage of China and Picardy: a shared heritage rich in flavour

The Chinese cuisineThe cheese, renowned for its age and diversity, is made up of a multitude of flavours and techniques reflecting the richness of its different regions. It is characterised by a subtle balance between sweetness, acidity, spiciness and saltiness. The umami taste is also present, adding a depth of flavour to the preparations.

The Picardy specialitiesOur dishes are inspired by the land and sea. They draw their inspiration from fresh, local produce such as vegetables from the garden, fruit and wild berries from the region, fish from the coast and meat from local farms.

What the two kitchens have in common

Although the origins and tastes may seem different, there are many similarities between these two culinary traditions. For example, Chinese cuisine and Picardy cuisine both favour a wide variety of fresh, local ingredients. Both are based on simmered dishes and pay particular attention to the balance of flavours, making them fertile ground for creative experimentation.

Chinese-Picardian fusion: specialities with bold new flavours

The combination of flavours, textures and colours means that clients such as chefs to create dishes that combine the best of both worlds. Here are just a few examples of the daring recipes that have resulted from this meeting of East and West:

  1. Picardy string noodles : Stuffed with light pancakes containing ham, mushrooms and crème fraiche, the nems here take on a French flavour while retaining their crispy Asian coating.
  2. Duck ravioli confit with orange and hoisin sauce : Ravioli is interesting for its versatility and the ways in which it can be adapted to different cuisines. This combination of French-style duck confit with the tangy touch of orange and the sweet and sour flavour of hoisin sauce will surprise you with its incomparable balance of flavours.
  3. Endive wok with tofu : This quick and easy dish features a vegetable from the north of France. The endives are cooked in a wok with tofu marinated in a sweet and sour soy sauce, giving them a distinctive flavour.

Chinese-Picardian fusion: where can you enjoy these succulent dishes?

Many restaurants now specialise in this innovative cuisine, offering gourmets a real culinary experience. Here are a few places to discover this unique cuisine:

  • Empire of the senses : a restaurant located in the heart of Amiens, offering a true alliance between Chinese and Picardy flavours to create a varied and original menu. The menu is regularly renewed according to the seasons and new arrivals.
  • The Golden Dragon : offering French cuisine revisited in Asian style, he suggests inventive gastronomic creations with Picardy and Chinese accents to his conquered customers.
  • La Taverne du Panda : This establishment also prepares recipes inspired by the blending of the two cultures. Always on the lookout for new ideas, they are taking part in the special day organised as part of Taste Week, to give as many people as possible the chance to discover their explosive menu.

The Chinese-Picardy fusion is an illustration of the open-mindedness and boundless creativity of our chefs. This gastronomic marriage between China and Picardy enables them to create sublime and innovative dishes to the delight of lovers of culinary novelties. So, at your next New Year celebrations in Amiens, let yourself be tempted by this unique cuisine; who knows, maybe you'll find your new favourite recipe!

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