Where to walk in Seine-Maritime


The Seine-Maritime offers a wide variety of landscapes to visit. An incredible atmosphere deserves to be experienced as you pass by the cliffs of the Côte d'Albâtre, the meanders of the Seine Valleythe buttonhole of the Pays de Bray to the fairly lively city centres of Rouen and the Haven. Taking short walks or bike rides at your own pace will take you away from work hours.


Walks in Seine-Maritime: where to walk in Normandy?

The Seine-Maritime offers the best getaways in Normandy. On foot or by bike, discover the safe routes, whether they be greenways or cycle routes. With friends or family, walking is an excellent therapy and a great opportunity to discover the paths of hiking in Seine-Maritime for an hour or even several days. The Seine-Maritime organises whole days of discovery in the footsteps of writers and impressionists. You will discover at the same time the route of the most beautiful abbeys from Normandy.


Where to walk around Rouen ?

A simple boat ride to the cruise on the Seine takes you to the heart of the Boucles de la Seine. You will discover impressive landscapes immortalised by great artists such as Sisley, Hector Malot or Lebourg.

The Rouen Metropolis is full of parks and gardens for pleasant walks. The meadows of Saint-Sever, the Verdrel square, the Garden of Plants or the parks of the Seine valley are green settings to welcome you. Lovers of strolls would also enjoy the architectural jewels of the capital of Normandy during their little stroll in Rouen.

Walking around Cape Town

In the commune of Saint-Adresse, the part around the Cape is a real circuit of hiking in Seine-Maritime. It is a route of approximately 17.3 km for 4h30 of walking on average. The rating for this great hiking trail is very high thanks to the beautiful views of many travellers.

Cycling in Le Havre

There is a distance of 43 kilometres between Le Havre and Etretat. There are 19 European cycle routes and theEuroVelo 4 which runs from Roscoff to Kiev in Ukraine is part of it. The Vélo maritime is the French part of this route between the Channel and the North Sea and between Roscoff and Dunkirk. It starts at the railway station in HavenThe route leads to the famous cliffs of Etretat.

Train ride in Seine-Maritime

Discover during your ride in train in Seine-Maritime: Eu and Mers-les-Bainsthe two sister cities as well as le Tréport ! There are several routes available, such as the tourist route of Tréport by 35 minutes. There is also the Tréport - Eu by 45 minutes. The longest course is 1 hour and 15 minutes: the 3 sister towns of Le Tréport - Eu - Mers-les-Bains.

Horseback riding by the sea in Seine-Maritime

" The Ride in the Seine Valley "is a legendary Norman route that connects the two largest abbeys from Normandy. Accompanied by your horse, discover numerous horse rides or donkey rides.

Family walk on the Alabaster coast

In the contrasting light, the white chalk cliffs of the Alabaster Coast can stretch to 130 km. Surrounded by the blue and green waters of the English Channel, the Alabaster Coast offers impressive Normandy landscapes. From Haven to Le Tréport, you will pass through the seaside resorts of Fécamp and Dieppe.

Where to pick daffodils in Seine-Maritime?

In Bernouville Wood, discover the Basse Vallée de la Scie, which is made up of ponds and grazed wet meadows. It is characteristic of the Seine-Maritime coastline. Daffodils and several other species of ferns can be discovered in the forest areas of the Bernouville Woodsclose to the coast.

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