Which city to visit in Normandy?


The Normandy is a beautiful region of the France which offers many opportunities for holidays. Whether you want to relax on the beaches Whether you're visiting the Côte d'Albâtre or exploring the chateaux of the Loire, there's a Norman town to suit you. Discover our selection of the best towns to visit in Normandy.


Rouen is a city in the Normandyin France. The city is located on the left bank of the Seine, about 110 kilometres northwest of Paris. Rouen is the prefecture of the Seine-Maritime department and the capital of the region Normandy. The city is famous for its history and architectural heritage, including its cathedral GothicThe city is also known for its Romanesque churches, its castle and its half-timbered houses. Rouen is also known as the place where Joan of Arc was executed in 1431.

Nowadays, Rouen is a lively city with many numerous activities and attractions tourist. The city is home to many museums, art galleries, theatres, restaurants and bars. Visitors can also enjoy the city by strolling through the pedestrian streets, going for a walk, or by taking a walk in the park. shopping in the local shops or by visiting one of the many markets in the city. Rouen is also an ideal base for exploring the rest of the Normandyincluding beaches of the D-Day landing and the Mont-Saint-Michel.


Le havre

Le Havre is a French town located in the Seine-Maritime department, in Normandy. It is an important industrial and commercial port, as well as a municipality with over 200,000 inhabitants.

Le Havre is a very pleasant city to visit, with many things to see and do. The city has many historical monuments, museums, art galleries, public gardens and many restaurants and cafes.

Le Havre is also an excellent destination for sports enthusiasts nauticalwith many beaches and centres nautical offering activities such as windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfScuba diving and canoeing.

Finally, Le Havre is a very lively city, with many festivals and events throughout the year.


Etretat is a French commune located in the Seine-Maritime department, in Normandy. The town is famous for its impressive cliffs and its beaches of fine sand.

Etretat is a popular tourist destination for French and foreign tourists. The city has several quality hotels and restaurants, as well as numerous activities to do with family or friends. Among the activities the most popular ones are the hikingThere is also a wide range of activities such as cycling, climbing, sailing, fishing and canoeing.

The cliffs of Etretat are among the most beautiful in France and are classified as one of the most important natural monuments in the country. The city also has several beaches sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing or playing sports nautical.

Etretat is an ideal city for holidays with family or friends. The city offers numerous activities for all tastes and ages, as well as accommodation and gourmet restaurants.


The town of Dieppe is an ideal destination for holidays in Normandy. Located only a few kilometres from the capital, ParisDieppe offers a wide choice ofactivities and sites tourist to visit. The city is famous for its marina, its beaches and its many historical monuments. Dieppe is also an excellent base for exploring the many castles and gardens in the region.



Honfleur is a French town located in the Calvados department, in Normandy. The town is bordered by the Seine and has a population of approximately 11,000. Honfleur is a popular tourist destination, particularly because of its marina, its many museums and its picturesque architecture. The town is also known as the birthplace of the painter Claude Monet.


Deauville is a seaside resort of Paris, located in the north-western part of the country. Francein the Normandy region. The town is famous for its casino, luxury hotels, American film festival and boardwalks, long palm-lined promenades.

Deauville offers a multitude ofactivities for all tastes: sports nautical, golftheatre, cinema, shoppingetc. The city is also the ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the Normandy Honfleur, Trouville-sur-Mer, Le HavreÉtretat, etc.

The Normandy is a beautiful region of France which offers numerous activities and attractions tourist. Whether you are looking for beaches sand, beautiful landscapes, historic sites or delicious restaurants, you will find all this and more in Normandy.

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