What to do in Dieppe in Seine Maritime?


Dieppe is a seaside resort located in Normandy in Seine-Maritime in the North-West of France France. Every year, tourists come to the port city to see various animations and practice numerous activities. Beginning with a relaxation on the beachdoing sport nauticalThe town of Dieppe is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable stay with your feet in the water. The town of Dieppe is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable stay with your feet in the water.



What to do around Dieppe?

To the rhythm of the sea, Dieppe is one of the busiest ports in Normandy. Today, it is still the leading port for scallops and fish in the city of Dieppe, with the motto: " Dieppe fish, fish of choice! ". Even shellfish are given pride of place in the city's restaurants.

There are also the numerous activities There is a lot of activity in the harbour that makes this town so active and lively. There is fishing, the commercial port, the marina or the cross-channel to fill your time. activities during your stay in Dieppe. For your other leisurethe practice of sport nautical is also a must. You can sail, fish in the sea, go hiking, go to the beach or just relax. kayakof the paddledinghy, etc.

Dieppe: the Grande Rue in Normandy in Seine-Maritime

The historic centre de la ville de Dieppe se trouve dans l’estuaire de l’Arques. Il regroupe tout le front de la mer, le quartier du bout du quai, la Main StreetYou will discover the area of the Grande Rue, the quay of Henri-IV, the Saint-Jacques district, filled in in the 1930s, the former Bérigny basin and the area of the Avenue Gambetta. You will discover the terrible incident that ravaged the two adjoining department stores at the beginning of the Grande Rue. There are also other stories about the Grande Rue. In 1965, the Clouet family's mirror shop, a Dieppe institution located on the Grande-Rue since 1849, closed its doors (Renoir or Monet with brushes and tubes of colour).

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In the year 2002, the city started a new development policy on the economic level thanks to tourism. As part of the plans to re-establish the city in a political framework, the Grande Rue a summer renovated in 2004 to be a new set of resorts in Dieppe.

Dieppe: visit a city centre of art and history

In Dieppe, you will have the chance to discover its history and cultural sites. The city can be seen from the esplanade of the Dieppe Castle-Museum. This view offers a better view of the city, the beach and the sea. The city of Dieppe has summer It was once a place of inspiration for the work of artists. It is home to many places tourist and cultural sites you can visit: the museum of the Estran Cité de la Mer. This museum will introduce you to the navigation of fishermen and the maritime environment of Normandy through the large aquariums.

Dieppe and the sea: visiting a maritime town

Dieppe is the first fishing port throughout the France for scallops. The marina is the closest to Paris and the city of Dieppe also has a commercial port. This commercial port can generate a freight rate of up to 1.7 million tonnes in a year, while 120,000 cars and 250,000 passengers travel between Dieppe and England.

What to visit in Dieppe in North West France?

There are so many sites tourist and monuments historical sites to visit in Dieppe. Here are 3 examples must-haves during your stay in the city: 

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For plant lovers, the garden The Agapanthe Park is the ideal place to observe a wide variety of plants. It belongs to Alexandre Thomas who is a famous landscape architect. He designs gardens private for years with a huge flora feature. The garden of Agapanthe welcomes all audiences, appeals to all in love of nature and calm.

  • The church of St. James

When a traveller comes to Dieppe, a visit to the church of Saint James is not to be missed. It has a flamboyant structure in its architecture inspired byart Gothic of the Renaissance. A religious building that is a stop on your journey, the church of St. James is a must.

  • The church of Saint-Rémy

If you are a lover of beautiful stones and history, the Saint-Rémy church is also worth a visit during your stay in Dieppe. Classified monument since January 1910It is part of the city's architectural heritage.

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