10 things to know about Le Tréport

Le tréport
le treport

Le Tréport is a French commune in the region of Normandyin the department of Seine-Maritime, the capital of which is Rouen.

Where is Le Tréport on the map?

On the map, the town of Tréport on the English Channel in the north of the department.

What are the inhabitants of the Treport called?

The inhabitants of the commune of Tréport are called Tréportais and Tréportaises. According to the last census in 2018, the total population is 4,723. The census of small towns is carried out every 5 years.

Eu normandie

Eu, also known as Ville Royal, is a French commune in the Normandy region of the Seine-Maritime département. It is located in the north of the department. It is the chief town of the canton and is surrounded by the forest of Eu. The town is crossed by the river Bresle.

Why Eu le tréport?

Le Tréport, le Mers-les-Bains and Eu are the three main towns that form the urban unit of Eu. They are part of the inter-municipality called the community of communes of the "Villes Soeurs".

What to do in and around the city centre

If you are in holidays In the town of Tréport, there are several places to discover. Here are some addresses to visit during your stay:

Le Tréport funicular

The Tréport funicular or funicular des Terrasses is a line of four inclined lifts. It connects the lower and upper parts of Tréport. This project has summer It was suggested in 1880, when seaside tourism was booming. It opened its doors in 1908. This terrace offers a beautiful view to tourists, especially those who love to walk.

Seas the baths le Tréport

Mers les Bains is a seaside resort. This town, 6 km from Le Tréport, has been awarded the "Station Verte de Vacances" label. It is a colourful jewel with a succession of villas with Belle Epoque architecture creating a magnificent postcard.

Don't miss the panoramic view from the top of the cliff at Mers-les-Bains. You will have a beautiful view on the beach At the top you will see the statue of Our Lady of the Cliff. At the top you will see the statue of Our Lady of the Cliff, which was a landmark for the air force during the Second World War, at a height of 7 metres.

Cliff du Tréport

The Tréport cliffs are the highest chalk cliffs in Europe. They are up to 110 metres high. The cliff is accessible by funicular. On reaching the top, enjoy the spectacular scenery around and below the cliff. The view from the top is panoramic and incredible.

Port of Le Tréport

You can discover beautiful sailing boats in the marina of Le Tréport which is located in the heart of the town. A marina like the fishing harbour, it is a floating harbour located on the river Bresle. You can enjoy the view of the different boats coming and going.

Le Tréport beach

The beach at Treport is a vast expanse of pebbled bed over a length of about 800 m. There are cabins for beaches are available for hire as for the seaside resort of cayeux-sur-mer. You will have a unique time walking with your loved ones. The wooden path makes it easy to walk on the pebbles at the foot of the cliffs.

The weather in the city

The climate of Le Tréport is described as a frank oceanic climate. This is reflected in an abundance of rain and mild temperatures.

The average temperature is 10.8°C. The lowest recorded temperature is -5°C and the highest has been over 30°C.

Precipitation is recorded in January and July. In recent years, climate change has increased temperatures, but at least these are the averages established by the Weather-France.

Webcam le tréport

If you're looking for a great view of the French coast, head to Le Tréport and check out the webcam! This online camera gives you a great view of the town and its stunning surroundings. Whether you are an experienced traveller or preparing your first trip to FranceThis webcam is a must see!

Car hire to reach Le Tréport

If you are looking for a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the fresh ocean air, Le Tréport is well worth exploring. And what better way to explore this wonderful town than by rent a car from Amiens ? With your own vehicle, you will be able to get around easily and see all that Le Tréport and its region has to offer. If you are planning to visit this region of Francethink about rent a car !

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