What to do in Calais?


Calais is the first port of entry in the North of the France for those coming from Britain. It only serves as a passage for most people going to Paris or in other cities in France. However, if you allow an hour or a day in Calais, you can discover the city in its most unique aspect. You can visit the sites on foot tourist popular in the city centre. With a little more time, you can also enjoy the wide and beautiful beaches of sand from Calais.


Visiting Calais: what to see in the town centre?

The city hotel is located just across the canal from the centre with a neo-renaissance and Flemish style for your stay. The city centre of Calais has a rather compact appearance. It is surrounded by canals and ponds and is known for its art deco stained glass windows. The city is also famous for the site of the civil marriage of Charles de Gaulle and Yvonne Vendroux which took place in 1921. There are so many wonderful things to see if you visit the town of Calais. Here are 4 examples of places you can visit during your stay in Calais: 

1- Calais Belfry and Town Hall

To begin a visit to the town of Calais, pass by the town hall which is a flamboyant example of Flemish architecture as well as the backdrop for Rodin's Les Bourgeois de Calais. It was designed by Louis DebrouwerHe was an architect and a pioneer in the use of reinforced concrete. The hotel has beautiful stained glass windows and a grand staircase that leads to the wedding hall on the first floor.

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The belfry of Calais is connected to the town hall by an arch. Those who are not afraid of heights can challenge themselves to climb the steps of the belfry and then enjoy the view impregnable. Indeed, the tower offers a magnificent panoramic view on the whole city. Anecdotally, it was built in 1885 during a meeting between the communes of Saint-Pierre and Calais.

2- Statue of the Burghers of Calais

The statue "The Burghers of Calais" represents the 6 burghers at the beginning of the Hundred Years War in 1337 - 1453. It was designed in 1347 by Auguste Rodin which has thus become emblematic for the city. At the time, they gave their lives to save the inhabitants of Calais, which was under siege by King Edward III of England.

3- Saint-Pierre Park for the family

The Saint-Pierre Park comes from the name of the former commune of Calais in 1885. It was inaugurated in 1863 under the Second Empire and houses works of art. Don't miss the Parc Saint-Pierre when you stay in Calais. It is located opposite the town hall and is easily recognisable thanks to the hundred-year-old trees that give it a wooded feel. The ideal place to go out with the family and play petanque, the park offers a shaded playground. You can also discover the fountain decorated with the " Three Graces "There is also a beautiful historical monument to the dead and a sculpture by Bernard Mougins. Saint-Pierre Park also houses the Musée Mémoire, dedicated to the Second World War of 1939 - 1945.

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4- Richelieu Park

Located in the heart of the city of Calais, the Richelieu Park is a space accessible to everyone for a relaxing break. A statue of "De Charles de Gaulle and Churchill" stands in the centre of the park.

Visiting the area around Calais: what to see around the city at weekends?


There are many things to see and visit around Calais at the weekend, for example 

  • Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez
  • The Fortress of Mimoyecques
  • The Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • The Saint-Omer
  • The Ardres
  • The seaside resorts, including WissantAudresselles, etc.

What activities and hobbies can be done with the time available?

For one hour: 

  • you can discover the rooms of the town hall (wedding room, council room, grand salon d'honneur) or
  • go up to see the belfry (UNESCO World Heritage) or
  • admire the statue of the Bourgeois de Calais.

For half a day: 

  • Discover the sites tourist of Calais thanks to the "circuit des must-haves " !,
  • Follow in the footsteps of General Charles de Gaulle and Yvonne Vendroux via the thematic route!
  • You can also visit the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of the Memory of the Second World War.

With a duration of one day in Calais or more: 

  • discover Cap Gris-nez and Cap Blanc-nez,
  • discover the main sites and museums of the city,
  • there are also three walkable routes from Blériot-plage and Sangatte for hikers,
  • you can even have an unforgettable time at Iceo. A centre for leisure from ice rink and swimming pool.
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