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Visit Gerberoy

Sheltered by less than 100 inhabitants, Gerberoy est l’un des plus petits villages from France. Everyone falls under the spell of this village where the rose is queen and symbol. The inhabitants of Gerberoy are called the Gerboreans and the Gerboreans.

Where is Gerberoy?

Classée parmi les plus beaux villages from France, Gerberoy is a French commune located in the west of the Oise department in the Pays de Bray picardHauts-de-France region, near Songeons.

Where is Gerberoy located?

This small village of France is located in the Oise departmentabout 95 km north of Paris and 25 km from Beauvais, close to the Normandy neighbour.

How to get to and visit Gerberoy?

The right time to visit Gerberoy is the beautiful rose season. It is best to visit at the beginning of the season. May to end September.

How long to visit and what to do in Gerberoy?

One hour This is sufficient if you are content with a walk through the village. However, if you visit the museum and gardens, you should plan a half day for a walk.

Paris Gerberoy how many kilometres?

Over a distance of approximately 104 kilometresThe journey by car from Paris to Gerberoy takes 1 hour 33 minutes. The journey is mainly made via D 301 and A 16.

Rose festival in Gerberoy

A festival is held every year in this small village. It is always during the weekend of June. The place is perfect for a spring getaway or a summer trip thanks to this rose festival. Hollyhocks, climbing roses or other, a real flower power takes place in the beautiful garden of the post-impressionist Le Sidaner. This painter at the beginning of the century encouraged the inhabitants to plant flowers in front of their houses. That is why, since 1928, the village has celebrated its emblem, which is the rose at the time of peak flowering.

The painter Henri Sidaner

Henri the Sider or Henri-Eugène Le Sidaner is a painter post-impressionist French.

This man has a passion for Gerberoy. Wishing to have a house in the country where he could settle down with his family and compose the themes of his work, he bought a house and then became the garden where he gives free rein to his creativity. Even today, the most small town in France benefits from the aura of the painter his green room.

Visit the gardens of the town of Gerberoy

Discover the village of Gerberoy and its splendid gardens.

The Yew Garden

The garden is characteristic of the classical style advocated by Olivier de Serres. It is set out in a symmetrical terrace, decorated with topiaries and widely open to the horizon. The garden is several hundred years old and is composed of giant yew trees and pruned boxwood. Indeed, this historic garden is unique in France for its monumental yews.

The yew garden - Photo credit David S.

The Henri Le Sidaner Gardens

The painter Henri Le Sidaner mentions the desire to move to the countryside in 1901. He fell in love with the small village of Gerberoy and built his garden of 4000 m2. This painter has designed every detail: a walkway, tower, old stones, pergola, rose garden, balustrades and statues. The place being also a temple of love is ideal to stroll between gardens of all colours and a time of reflection among the flowers.

Where to eat and sleep in Gerberoy?

The good addresses of restaurants and of hotels are easy to find in this small village. Make a reservation on place or in line is quite possible. Before or during the trip, the place offers restaurants and hotels for your convenience. Discover this village and have an unforgettable stay!

What to do around Gerberoy?

To broaden horizons, the Troissereux Castle is a place worth visiting. It is only 19 minutes away from the village. A few kilometres away, you can venture into the beautiful village of Lyons-la-Forêt. Hiking and cycling are popular in this picturesque area. To prolong the weekendwalk through the streets of Rouens, the Monet's green spacesthe half-timbered houses in the village of Gisors. End this expedition in style with a visit to the remarkable garden of Domaine de Villarceaux. This medieval garden and the medicinal plants adorning the site never cease to fascinate visitors with their charming mixture and serenity.

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