La Suisse Normande: a natural region in the heart of Normandy

Suisse Normande

The Suisse Normande is a hidden treasure in the heart of the Normandya region renowned for its rich and diverse heritage. But where exactly is this natural gem?

Suisse Normande

Location of Suisse Normande

Located in the north-west of the FranceThe Suisse Normande region extends mainly over the Calvados department and part of the Orne. This region, which owes its name to its hilly and steep landscapes reminiscent of Switzerland, is crossed by the Orne, a river that has carved out magnificent gorges and valleys.

What to discover in Suisse Normande?

Suisse Normande is a prime destination for in love nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Between walks, kayak, climbing or even paraglidings, the activities There is no shortage of them. The villages such as Clécy and Thury-Harcourt also offer a charming setting for a walk or a break greedy.

Suisse Normande

How to get to Suisse Normande?

Suisse Normande is easily accessible by car from the major cities of Normandy such as Caen or Rouen. There are also rail links to the Flers station. Once there, the region is best explored on foot or by bicycle, to take full advantage of its bucolic landscapes.

Whether you are an adventurer looking for a thrill or simply looking for a haven The Suisse Normande will seduce you. Don't hesitate to discover this little-known region, a veritable treasure chest of greenery in the heart of the Normandy.

In sumSuisse Normande, with its picturesque landscape and its multitude ofactivities offers a complete change of scenery. Its easy accessibility from the major cities of Normandy makes it an ideal destination for a nature getaway. If you are looking to discover a corner of Normandy authentic and preserved, Suisse Normande is without doubt the place to be.

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