Discover the fascinating history of Colmar: an Alsatian city rich in cultural heritage


Colmar is a city located in the Alsace regionIt is famous for its medieval architecture and rich cultural heritage. The town is also known for its location on the Alsace Wine Routea wine-growing region famous for the production of white wines, in particular the Gewurztraminer.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of Colmar, from its medieval origins to its contemporary culture. We will also discover the tourist sites the city's most popular attractions, as well as the cultural events that take place there throughout the year.

Discover the fascinating history of Colmar


Medieval origins of Colmar
Why the name Colmar?

Colmar is a medieval town that was founded in the 9th century. Its name comes from the German word 'Kolmar', which means 'village on the hill'. Over the centuries, the town has grown and developed steadily, with both German and French influences.

In the 13th century, Colmar became a free city of EmpireIn other words, it was no longer under the control of the local lords. This allowed the town to prosper and develop as an important commercial centre in the region.

Over the following centuries, Colmar underwent a series of architectural transformations, from Gothic to Renaissance styleand then to the baroque style. Today, the city is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture, which bears witness to its rich historical past.

Sights in Colmar

Colmar is a city rich in cultural heritage, with many popular tourist sites. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

  • The Little Venice A charming area along the river Lauch with colourful half-timbered houses and picturesque bridges.
  • The House of Heads A historical building from the 17th century, decorated with sculptures of human heads.
  • The Unterlinden Museum The museum is an art museum that houses European works of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  • The Koïfhus A historic building from the 15th century that was once the seat of the city's customs and merchants.
  • The St. Martin's Cathedral This impressive Gothic church was built in the 13th century.

Cultural events in Colmar

Colmar also hosts many cultural events throughout the year. The most famous of these is the Christmas Market in Colmar, which takes place every year during the Advent period. This Christmas market is one of the oldest and largest in France, with over 180 chalets selling local crafts and culinary specialities.

In summer, Colmar also hosts the Music Festival of Colmar, which presents classical music concerts in historical places of the city, such as the Cathedral of Saint-Martin and the Church of Saint-Matthieu.

In addition, the city organises a jazz festival, a folklore festival, a film festival and many other events throughout the year, offering visitors many opportunities to experience the local culture.

Frequently asked questions about Colmar

Q: What is the best time to visit Colmar?

A: The best time to visit Colmar depends on the preferences of each traveller. The Christmas market Colmar is a must-see experience, but the city is also beautiful in summer when the flowers are in full bloom and the temperatures are mild.

Q: What are the local dishes to try in Colmar?

A: Colmar is famous for its Alsatian cuisine, which is influenced by the French and German cuisine. Local specialities include sauerkrauton baeckeoffe (a meat stew), the tarte flambée (a savoury pie with cheese, bacon and onions) and of course the white wines of the region.

Q: How long does it take to visit Colmar?

A: It is possible to visit Colmar's most popular tourist sites in one day, but it is recommended that you take at least two days to explore the city thoroughly.


Colmar is a fascinating city with a rich medieval history and a unique cultural heritage. Visitors can walking through the cobbled streets of the cityIf you're looking for a French travel destination that offers both historical and cultural experiences, Colmar is a great choice. If you're looking for a travel destination in France that offers both historical and cultural experiences, Colmar is a great choice. Discover Colmar's fascinating history and immerse yourself in this charming Alsatian town.


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