What to do in Hunawihr: activities and visits

Hunawihr is a small Alsatian village nestled in the heart of the vineyards, a few kilometres from Colmar. This picturesque village attracts visitors for its architectural beauty, its green natural setting and of course, for its many activities and visits. In this article, we will present you the things to do in HunawihrYou will also find out where to visit to make the most of your stay.

Activities and visits to Hunawihr :


Visit to the village of Hunawihr

The village of Hunawihr is a real Alsatian gem, with its cobbled streets and picturesque half-timbered houses. A stroll through the village will allow you to discover the history and heritage of this charming commune, as well as the vineyards that surround it.

Wine tasting

Hunawihr is a renowned wine village, notably for its white winesThese include Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Take advantage of your visit to taste these wines and discover the secrets of their production by visiting the cellars of local producers.

Visit to the Chapel of St. James

The Saint-Jacques chapel is a religious building dating from the 13th century, located in the heart of the village of Hunawihr. Its richly decorated façade and octagonal bell tower make it a must-see for lovers of religious architecture.

Walk in the vineyards of Hunawihr

Hunawihr is surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. To fully enjoy the scenery, we recommend that you take a walk through the vineyards and discover the different varieties of grapes grown in the region.

Visit to the stork park

The stork park in Hunawihr is a unique place where you can discover these emblematic birds of Alsace in their natural habitat. You can also learn more about their way of life and their migration.


Q: When is the best time to visit Hunawihr?

A: The summer period is ideal for visiting HunawihrThe village is also very charming in the autumn, when the colours change and the grape harvest takes place, as you can enjoy the outdoor activities and the blooming vineyards. However, the village is also very charming in autumn, when the colours change and the grape harvest takes place.

Q: How long does it take to visit Hunawihr?

A: One day is enough to discover the main points of interest in Hunawihr. However, if you wish to go further on your visit and discover the surroundingsYou can easily spend a day there. weekend or more.


Hunawihr is a Alsatian village full of charm and authenticity, which offers many activities and visits for tourists of all ages. Visiting this village

By visiting this village, you can discover the history and heritage of the region, as well as the wine-making traditions Alsatian women. The activities offered at Hunawihr are diverse and varied, ranging from wine tasting to a visit to the stork park. In sum, Hunawihr is an ideal place to spend a pleasant moment with family or friends, and to discover the riches of Alsace.

In summary, we hope that this article has inspired you to discover Hunawihr and all the activities and visits it has to offer. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover or wine lover, Hunawihr will seduce you and make you spend an unforgettable moment. Don't forget to plan your visit in advance to make the most of your stay in this Alsatian village charming and authentic.

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