The Amiens Station district - The transformation of the Valley Station into a centre of attraction


Located in the heart of Amiens, the Amiens station district is undergoing an unprecedented metamorphosis. The Gare Vallée redevelopment project aims to transform this area into a real magnet for residents and tourists. In this article, we present the main lines of this ambitious project and the different aspects that contribute to making this area more attractive.



La Gare Vallée: A modernisation and renovation project

A redesigned architecture for a functional and pleasant space

The Gare Vallée renovation project consists of a complete redesign of thearchitecture of the station and its surroundings. The aim is to create a functional and pleasant space for travellers, residents and tourists. To achieve this, the works include rehabilitation of buildings and the construction of new reception and service areas.

Green spaces for a better quality of life

The modernisation of the Valley Station is not limited to infrastructure improvements. The project also includes the creation of green spaces and recreation areas for local residents. These landscaped areas will improve the quality of life in the station area and create a more relaxed and friendly environment.

Shops and services in the heart of the Amiens station district

A variety of shops to meet the needs of the inhabitants

The Amiens Station district has a varied and dynamic commercial offer. Local shops, such as bakeriess, the grocery shops and the restaurantsThis diversity of shops makes it possible to meet the needs and desires of the inhabitants, while contributing to the attractiveness of the district. This diversity of shops makes it possible to meet the needs and desires of the inhabitants, while contributing to the attractiveness of the district.

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Services to make everyday life easier

The Gare Vallée redevelopment project also provides for the introduction of services to facilitate the daily life of the district's inhabitants. These services include, in particular, childcare facilities, a coworking spaces for professionals and sports facilities and cultural activities for leisure.

A connected and accessible neighbourhood

A multimodal station to facilitate travel

Amiens Station is being transformed into a true multimodal hub, with links between trains, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. This interconnection of transport means will facilitate travel and reduce journey times for residents and tourists.

Improved accessibility for people with reduced mobility

The Valley Station renovation project focuses on accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Specific facilities are planned to facilitate travel and access to the various services and shops in the neighbourhood. Access ramps, lifts and reserved parking spaces are all elements that will make life easier for these people.

Conclusion : The Amiens station area, a place of life in full mutation

The Gare Vallée redevelopment project contributes to transforming the Amiens station area into a real attraction for residents and tourists. Thanks to the modernisation of the infrastructure, the creation of green spaces, the diversification of shops and services and the improvement of accessibility, the Amiens Station district is becoming a dynamic and pleasant place to live.

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In the years to come, this metamorphosis will contribute to strengthening the attractiveness of the city of Amiens, while improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. The Amiens station area is becoming a successful example of urban renewal and sustainable development.

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