Visit Veules-les-Roses in 8 essential steps


Veules-les-Roses is a French commune in the region Normandy. It has attracted many artists and intellectuals from all over Europe. Between the charm of the old-fashioned houses and the spectacle offered by the cliffs that border the English ChannelThere are enough reasons to take the road to this seaside resort of the Seine-Maritime.


Sites and activities not to be missed when visiting Veules-les-roses

With its various historical monumentshis cultural wealth and its natural heritage; Veules-les-roses is a real treasure of French tourism. During your stay in the Normandy countryside, you will not have time to get bored.

The village of Veules-les-roses

Before rushing to the most famous places, consider admiring the charm of this village which represents the spirit of the Normandy. Take your time on a stroll through the half-timbered houses, the Belle Époque villas and the old mills of yesteryear. Built in a suspended valley leading to the sea, the village itself is well worth a visit.


St. Martin's Church

If you are visiting Veules-les-rosesYou can't miss this grey stone monument from the 16th century. Take a look at the old parish tower which has summer The building is a witness to several centuries of history. Explore the interior, which is a real architectural treasure. The hull roof and the motifs on the sandstone pillars will not leave you indifferent. In this ancient building, you will find an organ dating from 1628 which is still in use, as well as frescoes from 17th century who have summer renewed after a restoration.

The Veules river circuit and the watercourses

Also known as the smallest river in Franceit does 1149 metres long. Vous pouvez le longer lors d’une balade en partant du front de mer pour remonter jusqu’à la source du fleuve. Sur la route vous croiserez de vieux ponts de pierre, des maisonnettes en colombages et même d’anciens hôtels.

Near the springs, you can see the cress plantations. If you are lucky, you may arrive in the middle of harvest time. Continuing towards the river ford, you will discover an old mill and charming villas in the background.

On your own or during a guided tour, you can enjoy this little getaway regardless of the season.


The Veules oyster farming site a few hundred metres from the sea


Feeling a little peckish? No problem. The village is known for its production of Veules oystersa dish that is very popular with food lovers. seafood.

Launched by enthusiasts in the late 1990s, thebreeding produced by very high quality oysters. Growing in a mixture of fresh and salt water, the veal is known to be fleshy, crisp and fragrant.

Artists' studios

When you go out on the streets of Veules-les-RosesPlease consider going through the door of the painters' workshops and artists who set up their bases in the village.

The sight of these atypical buildings will undoubtedly give you some nice memories as well.

When you visit these workshops, you will find everything. From ceramics, paintings, sculptures and even jewellery and embroidery, the skills of these craftsmen will amaze you.

The footsteps of Victor Hugo

And yes! In the list of the many visitors who passed through Veules-les-Rosesyou will find the illustrious name of Victor Hugo (see Cise Wood). This great name in literature stayed for several summers in the villa of Paul Meurice.

Derrière l’édifice sur le front de mer, après un chemin indiqué grimpant sur la falaise, vous pourrez découvrir la “Victor Hugo's cave". This is where you will find le havre where the writer used to go to enjoy the landscape.

You can also pay tribute to this historical figure in front of the stele whose reliefs are in his honour. It is a building donated by the capital in memory of its stays.

The beach

Here we are, the famous front de mer de Veules-les-RosesIts fine sand and pebble banks. The large beach allows you to admire the breathtaking cliffs of the côte d'Albâtre. With the playground set up, the activities d'summer and the flats for those who love to go fishing during the tide low, everyone can have fun.

A walk along the Côte d'Albâtre

As part of the large hiking 21It is the ideal place to admire the landscape. You can connect the village with Sotteville-sur-Mer if you go east or with Manneville if you go west.

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