What is the budget for a trip to Iceland?


Iceland is currently one of the most expensive countries in the world. It often ranks in the top 3 after Switzerland and Norway. Due to its geographical location, Scandinavian social system, small industry and small population, the cost of living in Iceland is high. Have you decided to go on holiday to Iceland, the land of myth and ice?

To ensure that your stay in Iceland is as you want it to be, it is important to establish a suitable budget and to consult a site such as comptoirdesvoyages.fr

Budgeting for travel in Iceland

While Iceland is a wonderful country to visit, the cost of living there is high compared to other countries. To save on your budget, you should choose the best time for your trip to Iceland. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should find out more about the different prices for accommodation, car hire and tickets. As road conditions in Iceland are special (limited road signs, crevasses, rubble, etc.), it is recommended that all travellers consult the Icelandic road administration

What are the prices of flights to Iceland?

Flights from Paris to Reykjavik are undoubtedly the cheapest, unlike the rest of the trip, as they are always cheap compared with flights to other cities of the same distance. You should expect to pay around €100 to €200 per person. To take advantage of the cheap flightsIf you are planning to travel by train, remember to book in advance and avoid travelling at weekends or during school holidays.

Budget requirements for accommodation in Iceland

Whatever you choose during your trip to Iceland: lodging, campingIf you are planning to stay in a hotel or BnB, the budgets to be prepared are significant. If you are thinking of leaving the big cities, be aware that the rates can be quite high because of the lack of offers from competitors. For information, for a youth hostelIn a hotel, you should expect to pay around 50-60 euros. A 4-star hotel can cost between 250 and 300 euros. For B&Bs and Bnb, the cost varies from 135 to 200 euros. Finally, if you choose camping, you should expect to pay between 25 and 35 euros.

How much does it cost to travel for Iceland?

Some visitors choose the rental car during their trip to Iceland. However, it should be noted that this means of travel is very expensive in the country at around 60 and 80 euros for a classic vehicle and 150 euros minimum for a sophisticated model. However, there are other vehicles such as taxis and buses, but these also come at a high price. This is due to the rising price of petrol in all European countries. 

What about Icelandic food and catering?

Since almost all local products and food in Iceland are imported, food prices will undoubtedly be expensive. As for the restorationIn Iceland, prices are also higher than in France. However, you will find Icelandic hot dogs at affordable prices.

When is the best time to visit Iceland?

It should be noted that the country's climate is oceanicThe seasons are temperate. In winter, the climate is both windy and harsh. In summer, the temperatures are not very pleasant and you can enjoy nature at its best during the midnight sun. Mid-season is a good time to enjoy the pleasant weather while avoiding the crowds. Even if you are exploring Iceland for reasons other than its climate, however, there is a best season not to be missed. 

What to do in Iceland in summer and winter?

The ideal period varies depending on what you plan to do there. For example, hiking is highly recommended in summer to discover the famous lava fields. During your stay in IcelandDon't miss the breathtaking view of the sea, the discovery of the whales. The northern lightsIn the winter, however, they are more visible. It is also the ideal season to bask in the warm waters of Blue Lagoon.

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