Visit Polignano a mare in 9 steps

polignano a mare

Located in Italy southern, Polignano a mare is the perfect destination for adventure lovers. This coastal town perched in the from Apulia There is so much natural wealth and beauty to explore, which you can see by 9 steps. Forget everything else and enjoy this beautiful visit for a total change of scenery.

Top 5 places to visit

It's no big deal to spend the holidays in polignano a mare without visiting its 5 locations:

The Borbonico Bridge

Dating from the mid-16th century, this bridge overlooking the beach of Lama Monachille arbors five arches that lead to the beach. The view from the bridge fascinates visitors with the beauty of the landscape.

The famous beach of Lama Monachile

After this diversions to the famous Ponte Borbonico, a moment of relaxation on this beach is ideal. It is admired for the water claritys, the small white pebbles that adorn the place, as well as the funds around the beach.

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Polignano a Mare

This museum of contemporary art reflects the work of the great artist Pino Pascali. It is a historic centre The two-storey room, marked by 20th century Italian pieces and prize winners, bears the artist's name.

Abbazia di San Vito

Built in the 10th century, it is one of the most prominent attractions in the area next to the fishing port. This church is of a architecture with its irregular quadrangular naveand its huge porch which constantly attracts visitors.

Pietra blu resort & spa

Located on the coast of the region of the PugliaThe magnificent view and the many activities on offer at the hotel will take you right to the heart of Polignano a Mare. Its 3 swimming pools, gym and sports ground attract tourists in this 5 hectare estate.

4 activities to do while visiting Polignano a mare

Several outdoor activities can be done in Polignano a mare, but the most famous are

The rickshaw or bicycle tour in Bari polignano a mare

This experience provides an insight into the whole city of Bari with its still little-known districts. It is an opportunity to discover the historical sites such as the San Sabino cathedral or the St. Nicholas Basilicaas well as the heritage of the region. Bari offers a superb view of the sea.

The boat trip to the caves of Polignano a mare

More than one dozen cavess surrounds the coastal cliffss of the city. A boat trip is the ideal way to admire the rocky coastline and the Grotta della Rondinellathe Grotta Scampagnataor the Grotta Castellana. In addition, one of the caves houses one of the city's most prestigious hotels, the Grotta palazzese. It is a 5-star hotel where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and immerse yourself in the turquoise waters.

polignano a mare

A dive in the beach of Polignano a mare

Located between two cities and stuck to the tuff cliffthe diving at the foot of the cliffs is a must-do activity in the region. A little refreshment in this crystal clear water coloured azure blue to mark an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

Discovering the region's restaurants

Treat yourself to a tasty moment by discovering the specialities of polignano a mare in the restaurants. The gastronomy is very varied. Enjoy a glass of local wine by eating BurrataThe stuffed with aubergine or the Bracciole. You can finish with a good local dessert such as marzipan or theocchio di Santa Lucia. Experience the region's most famous restaurants such as the Terrazze Monachile, the Graecalis, l'Osteria di Chichibioor Jamantè.

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