What to do in Matera, Italy, in 14 essential steps


Want to escape to one of the world's most famous historical cities? Matera. It is a city in the south of Italy, in a rather unknown region, the Basilicata. Matera is home to wonders worth visiting, such as the historic sites in which the city's entire history has been dug up for the whole world to see, breathtaking landscapes and grandiose architecture that attract many tourists. And let's not forget that this city has been the setting for some famous films over the years, such as Wonder woman or James Bond.

If you are interested in this destination, here are 14 things you must do or visit in Matera.

Discover the Wren or Sassi di Matera

Every year, many tourists drop their suitcases in the heart of Matera only to see the SassiThese are the typical dwellings of the region. These are caves which have formed because of the flowing stream, and which have become living areas. It now has 3,000 caves This is a living area with restaurants, hotels, guest houses and even souvenir shops. Sassi is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Visit the Duomo Cathedral

This cathedral of Matera named Duomo is the most famous building in the region. It is known for its medieval fresco of the final judgmentand for his artistic works such as the statue of Madonna della Bruna. The exterior of the cathedral is decorated in a typical Apulia region. From the cathedral you have a superb view of the Sassi cave dwellingsand the entire city.

The casa grotta di Vico Solitario in the town of Matera

A visit to this museum is a must. The museum reflects the old life of the inhabitants around the 18th century through tools and furniture of the time. There are two historical exhibits that should not be missed.

The Laboratorio della civilta Contadina museum in southern Italy

Continuing the journey in this museum that leaves no tourist indifferent. It is a place that details the collections of objects related to the ancient life in the cave from Sassi for years. It is an incredible journey back in time for those who wish to know a little more about the civilisation and history of Matera.

The Museum of Palazzo Lanfranchi

Because in MateraThere is no shortage of museums here, so take a tour of this museum, built in the 17th century. You will discover medieval and modern art through works such as objects and church paintings of the city, as well as more than a hundred paintings of the Neapolitan medieval school. One side of the museum is dedicated to the works of Carlo Levi and Luigi Guerricchio for lovers of painting.

The Palombaro Lungo

It is a huge water tank that collects water from a natural spring in the region. It can hold more than 5 million litres of water. You will have the opportunity to discover a huge stone labyrinth in a subterranean place, worthy of an atmosphere of cathedralhence the name " water cathedral ".

The Crypt of Original Sin

Also known as the Sistine Chapel, it was the place of worship of theLombardy period. The walls conceal frescoes on which you can admire scenes from the Old and New Testaments in paintings, as well as collections on virgin queens and archangels. Visit Matera without setting foot in this place is like an unforgivable sin for visitors to the region.

The Moom, the olive oil museum

The Matera olive oil museum is a place especially dedicated toolive oil. It is a small museum that teaches you all the secrets of Italian olive oil production, in underground caves. Finish your visit to the museum with a good tasting of this essential oil for gastronomy.

The Materasum Ipogio in Matera

It is a labyrinth of rooms buried in 12 metres of water in Matera. It is a real underground quarter that was once used as an ice chamber, crypt, housing tank and many others.

The Belvedere Piazzetta Pascoli

You will remember this Belvedere your whole life, as it offers a panoramic view of much of the city and the Sassi Caveoso. Take a walk or an unforgettable excursion.

Hotels in Basilicata Matera

The city of Matera The city is home to many hotels with a wide range of prices. Modern, contemporary or luxury hotels, the choice is yours. There are even some in the Sassi caves since the major rehabilitation that has been done.

The kitchen in Matera

For those who like to eat, be sure to check out the Matera's gastronomy. In the region, gastronomy rhymes with agriculture and pastoralism. They emphasise vegetable and cheese dishes. Discover also the penzzete sausages from the region of BasilicataPeperone crusco, cialleda, Pignata, and many others.

Film tourism in the city of Matera

This third oldest city in the world has inspired film producers. Among the most famous, the passion of Chrisa film by Mel Gibson, was shot in the Sassi of Matera. It was one of the first films shot in the region. Then came the Gospel of St Matthew, filmed in Basilicata and the Sassi. The film Ben-HUR, filmed in the caves of Matera, Wonder womanJames Bond and Dying Can Wait are all films whose directors fell under the city's spell. You can have a guided tour of these film locations while in Matera.

Places to visit around Matera

You can end your stay by discovering the countryside near the city. Starting with the park della Murgia Materanaideal for hiking enthusiasts, followed by a visit to the Apulia Canyon offers a breathtaking view of the landscape of Catallaneta and massafra. Finish with a visit worthy of a film scene at the Castel del Monte. Moreover, the latter was the setting for the film Wonder woman and Tale of tales.


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