Immigrating to Canada: A unique experience!


Today, there is an increase in the migration rate of the French population to Canada. This can be explained by several factors, such as the high employment rate, living conditions, etc. However, before going to Canada, it is important to find out about the social life. What should you know about life in Canada? Here are some answers.


Opportunities in Canada

There are many opportunities for a French person who settles permanently in Canada. First of all, the quality of life is much better than in FranceWhether you like big cities or the great outdoors, there are many opportunities for immigrants to work. In addition, there are many professional opportunities for immigrants. For example, if you have the opportunity to benefit from a canada dream tour, don't hesitate to seize your chance.

On the other hand, it should be noted that gaining responsibility and remuneration quickly will be easier than in France if you have the motivation. Make your point, demonstrate your value and, whatever your age, the doors will open themselves. It should also be noted that if you prefer to be your own employer, the conditions are much simpler in Canada (orientations, assistance, etc.).

En dernier lieu, le Canada est une porte d’entrée vers les États-Unis pour ceux qui nourrissent des rêves américains. C’est une méthode très trompeuse, mais c’est aussi une opportunité en or. En effet, avoir un passport canadien permet de travailler plus facilement aux États-Unis qu’avec un passeport français. Aussi, sachez qu’après trois ans de résidence permanente sur le sol canadien, vous pouvez demander la citoyenneté canadienne.

The cost of living

Without a doubt, the cost of living is higher in Montreal and Quebec. However, it is still lower than in most major French cities. The cost of flats and houses is reasonably affordable. Depending on the region, you should expect to pay at least 500 $ to live alone. Prices can go down to $350 or $400 (depending on the area) for sharing.

For those looking for flat opportunities, studio apartments near the city centre are selling for less than 200,000 $. In terms of transportation, a monthly pass for Montreal's extensive bus and metro system costs about 80 $. On the other hand, although cars are cheaper to buy, they are more expensive to maintain, insure and fuel. Then there are the useful Communauto (car-sharing) and Bixi (self-service bicycles) when the weather is nice or for travelling.

Everything about food depends on the habits you want to adopt. However, depending on the supermarket, fresh products (such as fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products and yoghurt) are more or less affordable. So don't hesitate to shop around in several supermarkets to get an idea of prices. However, be aware of the often very interesting offers.

What to know about adjustment difficulties

The French must understand that just because we speak French in Canada does not mean that everything is like in France. Keep in mind that even the language has to be relearned, because Quebecers have their own idioms, ways of speaking and codes. You must therefore make an effort to integrate the basics of life in Canada. You must take this seriously, because a bad integration often translates into a bad experience.

On the other hand, the climate is one of the major challenges for any French person. The winter season lasts from November to April. It is marked by terrifying snowstorms and freezing temperatures of -35 degrees Celsius. You should therefore be prepared by taking warm clothes for the winter period. In addition, even though summer is very short, it is accompanied by overwhelming humidity and temperatures that can reach over 40 degrees.


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