How long does an AVE Canada last?

AVE Canada

L'Travel Authorization Electronics or the AVE Canada is presented on the official website of the Canadian government for travel to Canada or for transit through a Canadian airport.


AVE: deadline for an electronic visa

The AVE or the authorisation to electronic travel is a requirement for foreign travellers who need a visa EV for travelling to Canada by air. It is a document linked to your passport, electronically. It is valid for one year. maximum period of 5 years or until your passport expires. If you want to apply for a new Canada AVE, you must obtain a new passport. You will not need an AVE to visit within Canada. It is valid for short stays with a maximum period of 6 months at a time.

AVE Canada

Check the validity of the AVE for Canada

The visa AVE or the Application for Travel Authorization (AVE Canada) to enter Canada has great advantages. On the one hand, it allows you to make stays to be carried out several times. As soon as the application form is sent and you have your authorization from the Canadian authorities, it will be valid for 5 years from the moment of authorization. This means that you are allowed to travel to Canada for the whole period without having to apply for the EVA again.

However, in order to check the validity of your visa AVE, make sure that your personal data are identical to those in the form and that the conditions of stay are the same. If any of your personal details have changed, you must update the information in the file by reapplying.

AVE Canada

How do I know if the EVA is still valid?

There are different ways to find out if the AVE for Canada is still valid. The simplest is to consult online. You need to check on the Canadian government website with your file number, your email address or your passport number (same as the one used for the first application). This will give you access to your file and show you whether the EVA is still valid.

If you have not kept your file number and have forgotten the information requested, you should search in your email. Here you will find the confirmation email from your first application. You can also see on your passport the date of your first trip to Canada. You must count on the validity of 5 years from the date to have a valid AVE.

How do I get an AVE for Canada?

Applying for an AVE Canada is a simple procedure to be done online within a few minutes. There are applications for EVs that are approved within a few minutes, by email. However, there are some applications that take several days because of the supporting documents required. It is, of course, advisable to obtain the AVE before booking your flight to Canada.

Apply for an EV online and pay the fee for one person at a time 7 $CAN. In order to fill in the online form thoroughly, please bring your passport, credit card and e-mail address. You also need to answer some formality questions.

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