Flight Guadeloupe : 10 Best things to know

flight guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an island with many riches natural located near the ribs American. It is a destination tourism of dream to be able to enjoy the sun and landscapes sumptuous West Indies. Beach incredible, forest tropical, hikingeverything is there to charm you during your holidays. Are you about to leave for Guadeloupe? Here are the top 10 things you need to know about visiting this admirable French island.

The airline serving Guadeloupe?

As an island, Guadeloupe is accessible by transport airborne. Mainly, three airlines offer flights daily newspapers from Paris Orly Sud. These include Air France, Air Caraïbes and Corsair International. Before departure, it is compulsory to carry a card identity or a passport valid. Customs and the police do the controls to every flight. Do not forget the creams solars, the glasses from sun and products anti mosquitoes.

How many hours of flight to Guadeloupe?

The landing airport in Guadeloupe is called "Pointe-à-Pitre Le Raizet Airport". There are around 64 flights a week between Paris and Guadeloupe. The distance between Paris and Guadeloupe is 6750 km for a duration flight time of approximately 8 hours and 40 minutes.

What is the price of a plane ticket to Guadeloupe?

The price of a plane ticket varies strongly depending on the seasonss, the conditions economic and the companies airborne. But in general, the price of an airline ticket are between 200 à 850 euros. 1% of tickets purchased are between 200 and 250 euros. Only 2 % are between 800 and 850 euros. And most of the other tickets range from 350 à 400 euros.

flight guadeloupe

The ideal time to go to Guadeloupe?

The island has a climate tropical and temperate with a steady wind from Trade winds. The season dryer begins in December until May while the season wet is to June à December. With a temperature annual average of 27°CIn Guadeloupe, it is the softness all year round. From June to August, the season is very hot and the temperature can reach 35°C. On average, the water temperature is 26°C.

The dry season is the period ideal about the climate for travelling to Guadeloupe (between December and April). The temperatures and the conditions weather during these times are the most appropriate to make tourism. It is also the ideal time to discover the events traditional of the island of Guadeloupe. You will discover the culture while making a meeting with the inhabitants.

When is the cheapest time to go to Guadeloupe?

The high season begins to July à September. With regard to the periods less dear to go to Guadeloupe, it is the months of May and June. The periods from mid-September to November are also more or less expensive. On the other hand, these periods are not not favourable to enjoy the sun and the beach or to make visits and discoveries. To obtain a ticket cheaper than average, it is advisable to use them book at the latest 2 weeks before the start.  

How is the travel done during the trip to Guadeloupe

There are several ways to travel exist in Guadeloupe:

  • The shuttles bus These are means of transport that link the municipalities of Guadeloupe. But of course, they also link the main cities of the island. However, these are less available during the Sundays and the days public holidays. Since these are private linesIn the case of the latter, the time of their passage is not fixed.  
  • À foot This type of travel can be done at the edge of the route by not obstructing traffic. For the areas ruralIt is advisable to take a car.  
  • The scooters or bicycles in rental There are not many of these boats for hire except in the islands of Marie-Galante and Les Saintes. This type of transport is not recommended given the accidents and the flights that may occur.
  • The car rental This is the way ideal of transport in Guadeloupe. This allows a travel more free with moreatmosphere. Rental cars are available upon arrival at the airport.
  • The Ferry This means of travel is used for the visit small islands at surroundings including Marie Galante, Saintes, etc. Departure is from Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-François or Trois-Rivières.

Guadeloupe: a culinary destination

If you love tasting culinaryGuadeloupe is one of the best destinations. In fact, the island offers multiple flavours from the kitchen West Indian in the kitchen Chinese. You will find all the best tastes of the world.

Guadeloupe is known for its accras home-made, you should not hesitate to use them taste ! These are delicious small doughnuts filled with cod and with spices. Similarly, you should also taste the chicken smokedA pure marvel of Guadeloupean cuisine. It is a chicken pickled and roasted served with rice to the sauce medium spicy.

In passing, you should not miss a taste of the rum pure or in version Ti Punch. The sellers will give you a free tasting. Or, you can take a tour of the visit of distilleries to find out more about their Fabrications. The island also has many valuable ingredients from kitchen such as vanilla, cane sugar, coffee, cinnamon, chillies and spices (pepper, cumin, ginger, saffron, etc.).

Don't forget to taste coconut, coconut flan or any other product derived from coconut. coconut specially concocted by the island's chefs. During the weekends, you can organize of picnics in the manner of Creole where families make the kitchen directly on the beaches of the island.

What memories can you bring back from a flight to Guadeloupe?

For the back of a flight to Guadeloupe, it is ideal to bring some products by way of memories of your trip. Therefore, you may bring 1.5 litres of rum per person. You can also bring chocolateof the juice exotics, the jams fruityof the vanillas, the spicesof the coffeeof the sugar from caneetc.

With regard to products craftsYou can bring some basketryof the potteryof banana leafs, banana leafs, banana leafs, banana leafs, banana leafs, banana leafs, banana leafs, banana leafs hats typical of the Saintes called " Salakos "and jewellery creoles. In order to have beautiful clothes and beautiful decorationsYou can also bring your own fabrics madras or dyed in indigo.

The island's markets

The markets essentials are located in the main cities of Guadeloupe. For lovers of plantsyou will find numerous varieties in the flower market near the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Pointe-à-Pitre. In particular, there are anthuriumss, the rosess, the birds of paradise and other plants tropical. For those who want to buy fruit, the fruit market of Sainte-Anne is the most famous. Located in Grande-Terre, you can buy mangoes, lawyers, cocosetc.

The Guadeloupe Carnival

The tourism leads to the discovery of a territory and its crops. That is why, during your flight to Guadeloupe, the island will make you take advantage of a carnival full of atmosphere. It is a event not to be missed! This carnival marks the day from rest so that the slaves have fun. In those days, to celebrate it, they used to put on masks scary for imitate their masters. This event festive and cultural has been preserved to this day. During the carnival, you will see various masks, but also the mood incredible. The large Parade The carnival takes place every year on Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday.

Vanilla from Guadeloupe can be purchased directly in France

If you are going to Guadeloupe soon, you will have heard of the island's vanilla. It is renowned throughout the world for the quality of its beans. What you may not have known is that it is possible to obtain vanilla from the island without having to go there. 

You can also visit the internet to buy the best vanillas in the islandsYou can find some of the best products from Guadeloupe on the Terre d'Épices website. You can potentially enhance your dishes with these foods without even having to go there. In a few clicks and after a few days, you will be delivered directly to your home. 

This can be useful if you have been to Guadeloupe and have fallen in love with the island's vanilla. You will be able to remember the good times spent there by ordering a few pods on the internet. Moreover, the prices proposed by the site are very interesting and they regularly propose promotional offers on the various spices present on the site.

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