What to see in Bosa in Sardinia in one day?


Bosa is a picturesque town in Sardinia, Italy. Steeped in history and culture, it offers visitors an authentic experience of island life. Here is a detailed itinerary for a day in Bosa.


Malaspina Castle

The day begins ideally with a visit to the Malaspina Castleperched on a hill overlooking the town. The castle, built by the Malaspina family in the 12th century, offers a fascinating insight into the history of the region. From its towers and ramparts, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the town of Bosa, the Temo river and the surrounding landscape. The site is also home to theChurch of Nostra Signora di Regnos Altosknown for its medieval frescoes.

The Old Town of Bosa

After visiting the castle, take a walk through the Old town of Bosa. The winding streets, lined with colourful houses, create a magical atmosphere. You will see historic buildings, churches and small craft shops. Take time to admire the facades of the houses, often decorated with flowers, and soak up the local atmosphere. You can also visit thechurch of San Pietrowhich dates from the 11th century.

The Ponte Vecchio

Going down to the river, you will reach the Ponte VecchioThis is a historic bridge with a beautiful view of the Temo River. It is a perfect place for a photo break, with the river, traditional fishing boats and the cityscape in the background.

The Tanneries of Bosa

Then head to the Tanneries of Bosa. Located along the Temo River, these old tanneries bear witness to the historical importance of the leather industry in Bosa. Now transformed into a museum, the tanneries offer a fascinating insight into this traditional craft. The exhibitions trace the history of the leather industry and present tanning tools and techniques.

Local cuisine

After a busy morning, it's time to relax and enjoy the local cuisine. Sardinia is famous for its delicious pork dishesof Pecorino cheese and carasau bread. Try porceddu, a traditional roast piglet, or malloreddus, Sardinian gnocchi usually served with sausage sauce.


Malvasia di Bosa

In the afternoon, it is time to discover the wine culture of the region. Bosa is famous for the Malvasia di Bosaa sweet wine produced locally. Many wine cellars offer tours and tastings. It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about local winemaking traditions and savour the unique flavours of Malvasia di Bosa.

The Beach of Bosa Marina

Finally, after a busy day, head to the Bosa Marina beach to relax on. This sandy beach is perfect for relaxing, swimming or simply admiring the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. The waters are clear and calm, ideal for a refreshing swim. The beach is also lined with cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy an ice cream or an aperitif while taking in the sea views.

In short, a day in Bosa offers a perfect mix of culture, history, gastronomy and relaxation. Every corner reveals a new aspect of Sardinian life, from medieval history to artisan traditions to delicious local cuisine. Whether you are a history buff, a wine lover or just looking for a place to relax, Bosa has something to offer. It is a destination that truly captures the essence of Sardinia, and a day spent here is a day that will be long remembered.

Which restaurant to choose on bosa beach?

There are several well-known restaurants on the beach at Bosa Marina where you can sample the local cuisine. Here are a few suggestions:

Trattoria Sa Nassa The restaurant, located near the beach, is famous for its fresh seafood dishes and traditional Sardinian cuisine. Their Spaghetti alla Bottarga is particularly recommended.

Locanda di Corte Antica The restaurant offers a variety of traditional Sardinian dishes in a pleasant atmosphere. The menu features local produce and the wine selection is excellent.

Ristorante Borgo Sant' Ignazio Restaurant: This restaurant is popular for its magnificent sea views. They serve a variety of Italian dishes, including seafood options.

La Nuova Costa La Nuova Costa: Another excellent choice for seafood, La Nuova Costa offers a wide variety of dishes, including vegetarian options.

Don't forget to check opening times and make a reservation if necessary. Restaurants can be very busy, especially in high season.


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