12 must-do activities in Galipoli


If you dream of an unforgettable trip to a dream location, embark on a seaside destination à Galipolia coastal town perched on the southern Italy. In addition to the beauty of its landscape, its historic centre located on an island attracts more than one visitor. It is full of websites and fascinating historical centres that are well worth a visit. This island, accessible by a arch bridgeis surrounded by ramparts and architectural wealth which gives it a unique charm.

All along the coast, you'll see a majestic beach with captivating white sand and intoxicating crystal-blue water. Add to this the beauty of the view exotic of its natural area. If you are wondering what to do in Galipoli, here are the things to do and the places to visit that you should not miss.

Visit the historic centre of Galipoli

Visit this pearl of the Ionian Sea Without seeing the historic centre of Galipoli, it's like you've never been there. It's so popular that it's weird not to go. It is nestled on the other side of the Papa Giovanni Paolo II Bridge which joins the old town of Città. You will be pleasantly surprised by the particularity of the structures of the houses decorated with white facades. The city is surrounded by ancient walls, which still give a glimpse of the city's interior. You can get to know the district better by visiting the museumsthe cathedralor the Castello.

The main attraction of the city, the Aragonese castle

Also called Angevin castleIt was built around the 15th century, in theByzantine period. The exterior of the castle gives you a nice view of the city of Citta. If you are lucky, you can see a temporary exhibition about the time when the castle was destroyed and rebuilt. By the way, the rest of the cannonis and catapults are still visible in the fortress.


The religious monument Sant'Agatha

The Cathedral of Sant' Agata is the most important building in the Galipoli area. You can't miss it, because its high Latin cross is visible even from far away. Inside this church of a renaissance style and baroqueIn this majestic space you can admire several paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. Stone statues reminiscent of saints surround the outer part of the monument.

The palaces of Galipoli

There is no shortage of palaces in Galipoli. The palaces of the Città fascinate the visitor with the beauty of the house from the outside. The houses are all in the baroque and rococo style. Near the Cathedral of Saint Agatha, you can still admire a palace in the Renaissance style. The palaces of Palazzo GranafeiThere is an oil press in the basement.

La fontana Greca

If you want to see something unique, it is in the Greek fountain that you have to go to. It is one of the few monuments It is located on the site of the first of the three major cities in the world, which is in existence, as it dates back to the 3rd century BC. Borgo district à Piazza Alda Moro. The sense of detail seen on this monument leaves no one indifferent, with the delicately carved motifs. You can see mythological scenes talking about the transformation of this fountain into a nymph.


See the museums of Galipoli

If you have an inquisitive mind, enrich your knowledge by visiting the museums in the Galipoli area. If your heart is set on ancient animals, the museo Civico is for you. The place allows you to see the skeletons of ancient marine animals, the sarcophagior weapons. There is even a room specially dedicated to medical pathologies, such as fetuses in jars. You will also have the pleasure of seeing bronze sculptures of the renaissance period and to see the baroque artists from Bologna.

Visit the Isola San't Andrea Regional Nature Park

If you like to see the beauty of nature, this park is the perfect destination. It is home to various bird species from all over the world. You can enjoy an unforgettable hike far from the city. It is a small natural paradise perched on the municipality of Galipoli. On the way around, you can reach Punta Pizzoa popular place for its botanical heritage. The latter is full of maquis and Mediterranean steppe.

Take a boat trip

This little moment of relaxation gives you the opportunity to contemplate Galipoli's crystal blue waters. You'll be amazed by the beaches of white and ochre sand all along the coast, and indeed all along the coast of the Apulia region.


Go to the beach and do water activities

Don't miss the iconic beach of Galipoli on the Pùrita. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Continue to a heavenly beach, the beach of Punta della SuinaThis one is one of the 5 most beautiful beaches in Italy. A little more, it offers you a pleasant view on the town of Galipoli.

The fishing port of Galipoli

Two ports surround the coast of Galipoli. The first one is located near the ancient Fontana Greca. Here you can see the fishing boatswhile in the other there are the large vessels. By venturing to these shores, you will learn more about the main activity of the city.

The gastronomy of Galipoli

During your stay, discover the culinary specialities of the city. Enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood dishes, such as purple shrimp or the sea urchins. Give your taste buds a treat with the fettuntawhich is a slice of bread dipped in olive oil. A real treat. And since you're in Italy, why not take advantage of the pastaespecially l'orecchiette.

Nightlife in Galipoli

Even in the evening, Galipoli is very lively. The beachfront is teeming with discotheque and wine bar where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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