International Hortillonnages Garden Festival Amiens

International festival, hortillonnages

Previously called "Art, Cities & Landscape", the Amiens International Hortillonnages Garden Festival is an event created in 2010 by the Maison de la Culture d'Amiens. Since 2019, the event is organised by the association Art & jardins des Hauts-de-France.

A rendezvous for horticulture and horticulture enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, this International Garden Festival Amiens takes place every year from June to October. It remains a great opportunity to visit and discover the Hortillonnages of Amiens, in the valley of Sum.

During this period, you will discover an open-air museum where visual artists and young landscape designers from all over the world come to exhibit their work and creations. You can also enjoy a ride on an electric boat to discover these wonders.

En bref c’est une échappée belle esthétique et poétique, et à la fois un voyage artistique et paysager qui vous attendent durant cet événement. Votre visite se prolonge également hors d’Amiens, sur les berges du fleuve à Long et à Abbeville et même jusqu’à Saint-Quentin.

International festival, hortillonnages

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The floating gardens of Amiens: a natural Eden in an urban environment

Apart from his famous cathedral Gothic avec son beffroi médiéval, ou encore ses boutiques et restaurants qui bordent les ruelles du quartier Saint-Leu ou « la Little Venice of the North "The city of Amiens is also known for its "hortillonnages".

Atypical and green gardens

The floating gardens of Amiens are composed of floating gardens restful and green. It is a 300 hectare complex which extends over five municipalities including Amiens, Camon, Longueau, Rivery and Lamotte-Brebière, and includes nearly 65 km of canals, called "rieux".

The creation of this atypical and idyllic landscaped area dates back to the Middle Ages with the need to develop market gardening fields for the people of Amiens. The establishment of this complex has summer favoured by the presence of the Somme and its tributary the Avre,

A well-kept tradition

Even today, the tradition of cultivating these lands is perpetuated by a few "hortillons". Their products are sold at the weekly market on the water in Saint-Leu. They work very hard to make sure that thea Sustainability of this heritage.

The visitors travel the 65km of canals on board of a horn boat, a typical boat of the Somme valley. A unique 2.5 hour tour awaits you on board these small atypical boats from the beginning of the 20th century. You will discover the activities of the market gardeners on their floating gardens. You can also visit the towpath on foot or by bike, enjoy the beauty of the little cabins and bridges along the canals or get to know theisland of bundles and theClermont Pond in Camon and Rivery.

International Garden Festival hortillonnages of Amiens 12th edition

The 12th edition of the international garden festival "Hortillonnages d'Amiens was held from 22 May to 17 October 2021. Over the years, almost 260 landscape designers, architects and visual artists from the the whole world participated in this unique event. The 450,000 visitors registered since 2010 have been able to admire nearly 170 gardens, works and creations, spread over this complex environment, between nature and culture.

The Festival route is divided between different plots on theClermont Pond in Camon and Rivery, on l'île aux Fagots in Amiens and in some areas of the Somme valley. The creations presented fit perfectly into the context of the preservation of the ecosystem, the fragility of the banks, the water resource, the food activity, the quality of the food as well as sustainable development

For the last edition of 2021, the enthusiasts and visitors who came to the festival were able to discover 12 new productions renewing the festival's itinerary with 4 gardens and 4 installations. They also appreciated the beauty of 3 student projects from the UFR des Arts - University of Picardie Jules Verne. The Institute for Photography of Hauts-de-France also participated with a photographic project.

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