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Make your next getaway an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a trip to the heart of nature, while contemplating the famous museum of the house of Baie de somme. A trip that allows you to discover the riches of the estuary. Located on the commune of Lanchère between Cayeux-sur-mer and Saint-Valery-sur-sommeon the tip of the HourdelThe museum offers you a show that you will not forget.

From the house to the landscape in the Baie de Somme

The museum is equipped with 3 houses which offer you a breathtaking view across the bay. Even if you have never set foot in the bay of sumA tour of the museum will give you an understanding of the whole place, with its playful universe. Through the films and slide shows in permanent distributionadded to the display casesIt shows the richness in fauna and flora of the Picardy coast.

The house offers you a nature outing on the coastline and on the Hable d'Ault Bird Reserve for:

- An encounter with seals:

See the seals or marine calves is one of the must-do activities. You can admire the largest seal colony which has taken up residence in the bay, about 400 individuals. They recharge their batteries out of the water during low tideor resting on the resting place to give birth in late spring and suckling pups, others to moult. There are two varieties of seals on the premises,

-See more than 250 species of naturalized birds:

As a migratory stopover between Siberia and South Africa, hundreds of birds come each year for the reproduction or thewintering. During the springto the end of March to mid-Octoberthe house offers a free flight raptor show. World famous for its ornithological interestYour trip to the Baie de Somme will teach you to take a closer look at the specificities of birds such as the Avocet, the Red Knot and the Crested Lapwing. From emblematic birds of baie sur somme such as the whistling duck or the green-winged teal enhance the surroundings.

-See the Atlantic Wall: a historic site dating from the Second World War, it is a defence system installed to fortify the Somme coastline.

- See a film in permanent projection: to understand and hear the Bay and its evolution, the cliffs and pebbles that adorn the environment.

-A guided walk in the heart of the Dune, the pebbles and theEstuary

-The view from the rocky foreshore at the foot of the chalk cliffs

-A hiking accompanied by a guide in the middle of the lowlands and the southern Somme bay

Guest houses in the Baie de Somme

If you are on a trip with family or friends, add a special moment between you by discovering the guest houses in the heart of the Crotoy.

  • The blue house in the bayThe hotel is a large traditional bourgeois house dating from the turn of the century. The rooms are decorated in a way that reminds you of the styles of a ship. You can enjoy the peace and quiet after your hike in the middle of a green nature.
  • The house of the sea in the bay: If you have a baby, this is the perfect place. It's just 200 metres from Le Crotoy's beach and shops. It is equipped with everything you need to welcome babies: a baby bath, a bottle warmer, a cot, a changing table or mattress and a high chair.

Shops on the Baie de Somme house

Take a little piece of the bay de somme home with you to remember this incredible adventure. The shop offers a wide range of products that you won't find anywhere else. The majority of the products are local, organic and ecos, the customized products or local crafts, in the image of the Bay. You can bring the berry to your dishes by using the local food productsThese include sea buckthorn, saltbush from the Baie de Somme, purple sea urchin and dishes made from salted mutton or lamb.

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