International Kite Festival Berck sur mer 2024


Discover Berck-sur-Mera French commune located in the department of Pas-de-Calaisin the region Hauts-de-France. Located between the Bay of the Somme and the Two-CapsIt has become a famous international kite meeting station.

The International Kite Meeting (IKM)

This event was launched in 1987where, for several days, the thousands of kites fly, on the Opal Coastin the sky and all along the beach of Berck sur mer. During this period, visitors come to see performances by aerial balletss, the entertainment for childrenand fireworks. They also attend competitions teams from all over the world, against night flights and fireworks displays. During this meeting, spectators can also participate in a flying schoola introductory kite course sportand a kite making

Since then, the tradition has continued, and the RICV welcomes every year hundreds of thousands of visitorsfrom all over France and the world. It has become a world-renowned eventThis is the place to be, where more and more amateurs, professionals and spectators come to compete in the various competitions. 

The programmes of the Berck kite meeting

This year, the 37ᵉ edition of the RICV will take place from 20 April to 28 April 2024. A moment of communion and celebration, with colourful competitions and various activities for the whole family. 

 The kite competition in Berck

This event is mainly dedicated to professional kite flyers, who during this world cup have to compete in teams in various high-level performances. People from all nations who will be judged on their precision, control and execution of their tricks, as well as on the originality, complexity and rhythm of the performance.

Activities during the Berck kite meeting

A dreamlike world magic, which is a great pleasure for the little ones and where you can find :

The multicoloured fairy odyssey There are many characters flying around in the sky, including sea animals, butterflies, dragons, giant octopuses, superheroes, owls, etc. There is also the artist's sweet and mischievous dragoness Sailev, from the Opal Coast, which will be present throughout this epic.

Aeolian Gardens The first of these is an art trail where flowers, scarecrows and a marine vegetable garden emerge from the sand and offer children a fun and instructive walk. There will also be cats popping up behind a miniature wind turbine.

The multi-coloured turbine A kind of challenge where children can walk slowly or run through a huge multi-coloured turbine.

Greeting nets The net is a fishing net that stretches along the beach, where you can get close and express yourself. The children have to write their wishes on a piece of paper and then hang it on the net. The fringes will then ripple in the wind and the wishes will fly up into the sky.

The construction workshops The kite workshop: accompanied by the activity leaders, children learn the different techniques involved in designing a kite, which they can then fly at the flying school. There's also another workshop where children can learn to build windmills, sailboat basins and miniature boats.

The Big Wheel The "Entonnoir": located on the "Place de l'Entonnoir", it takes visitors over 40 metres high and gives them a breathtaking view of the shows and the resort. 

Finally, this event will end with a unforgettable evening with thepop-rock lyrical flight of the Envol paradewith the kite delegations and a pyrotechnic final which will shine brightly.

Timetable for the Berck 2024 kite meeting

We'll be coming back to you shortly to give you all the details of this year's event.

The date is set for 20 to 28 April 2024!

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