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If you are looking for a place to get away from it all, Corbie has many historical sites and is very peaceful. You can enjoy the fresh air and the absence of noise in this small town, which is ideal if you want to take a break!


Description of the city Corbie

The Corbie is the lung of the metropolis because of its large tree-covered area. Below you can find out what you need to know about this city.

Where is Corbie, which department?

It is located 1.5 hours north of the France by rail and 17km east ofAmiens. It is a commune in the department of Sum. It is delimited in an area of 1625 ha of which 102 ha are covered by woods and forests. It is the chief town of the Canton and seat of the Community of Communes of the Val de Sum.

The post office and postal code of Corbie

Its postcode is 80800 and it is one of 27 other neighbouring communes spread over an area of more than 200 Km2 with a total population of approximately 23,000.

How many people live in Corbie?

Residents of corbie are also called Corbéens or Corbéennes. The population is approximately 6,300, or 392 inhabitants per square kilometre.

What's the weather like in Corbie/ Météo Corbie

The climate in Corbie is oceanic. The weather is generally rainy, i.e. with a lot of rain even during the dry seasons. The winter is rather mild with snow.

The beautiful town of Corbie with the Town Hall

In legal matters the commune is in several districts:

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The Canton of Corbie

The canton of Corbie is grouped by 40 communes. It is a French electoral committee located in the Hauts-de-France region, department of Sum.

The Val-de-Somme Community of Municipalities (Com de Com)

The Corbie is a member of the Val de Sommes community of communes. This institution groups together 33 neighbouring communes. 

The 3 Valleys Rehabilitation Centre

The centre opened its doors in February 2006. Created through the efforts of the Groupe Santé Victor Pauchet, the Centre Hospital University of Amiens and the Centre Hospital from CorbieIt takes care of patients with a pathology. The aim of the team is to help patients regain their maximum autonomy.

What to do in Corbie?

If you are on site, in holidays or on a business trip, there are several places to enjoy your stay in Corbie :

Guided tour Corbie

There are many places to explore in the city centre and a visit to the guided would be a good idea to make sure you don't miss anything. Local experts will take you on a tour of every corner of the town.

However, here are a few addresses where you can have a good time:

Calypso Corbie swimming pool

The pool is located near the gymnasium of Corbie. It is equipped with a large swimming pool, a 25 m pentagliss with lane, a counter-current river and a sauna. The facility is available for swimming lessons and aqua gym.

Corbie Abbey

It is a monument also known as the Abbey Church of Saint Peter of Corbiea monastery of monks Benedictines located in the centre of the city. When you visit it, you will find two early Christian relics. The cathedral offers you a beautiful panoramic view on the Valley of the Sum.

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Parc de la Corbie

The Green Heritage is a park located in the centre of the city. It is a quiet place full of greenery ideal for relaxing and taking a walk.

If you are wondering where to eat in corbie ? Don't hesitate to come and discover the Val de Somme restaurant in Corbie.

Several restaurants are located in Corbie and will not disappoint you in service. In terms of cuisine, don't leave without tasting the Val de Sum which is very famous. Then, the delicious macaroon paved with Corbie prepared with applesauce, hazelnut powder and honey. It is a revisited Amiens macaroon. Not forgetting the various bakeries can certainly surprise you.

Visiting around Corbie

Around the Corbie There are many historical sites that you can also visit during your stay:

Villers Bretonneux

It is a city in the south of the Corbie. You can visit thetown hall being a large castle that has summer destroyed during the great wars and later rehabilitated.

East of Amiens

Visit the East ofAmiens will give you a moment of absolute relaxation. The Amiens hortillonnages is a place to explore. These are gardens consisting of small planted plots surrounded by water.

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