Kaysersberg: The picturesque town to discover in Alsace


Kaysersberga picturesque town situated in the heart of Alsace, is a destination of choice for lovers of culture, history and gastronomy. With its cobbled streets half-timbered houses and its medieval churchesThe town is a real journey back in time. Kaysersberg is also known for its local gastronomy, with its fine winess, its sausagess, its cheeses and its traditional pastries. In this article, we'll take a look at the must-sees in Kaysersberg: the picturesque town to discover in Alsace.


Kaysersberg: The picturesque town to discover in Alsace

The cobbled streets and half-timbered houses Kaysersberg is a great place to stroll along its cobbled streets, lined with colourful half-timbered houses. You can admire the architectural details of these houses, which bear witness to the town's rich historical heritage. In the evening, the facades are beautifully lit, providing a magical and romantic atmosphere.

The Holy Cross Church

L'Holy Cross Church is a jewel of medieval architecture in the centre of Kaysersberg. Built between the 13th and 16th centuries, its bell tower offers a panoramic view of the town and its surroundings. The interior of the church is just as impressive, with remarkable frescoes and sculptures.

The Christmas market

The Kaysersberg Christmas market is one of the most famous in the region. With its decorated wooden chalets, twinkling lights and the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread, it's sure to put you in the magical mood of the festive season. Here you can sample Alsatian specialities such as pretzelon kougelhopf and the famous mulled wine.

The local gastronomy Kaysersberg is also an essential gastronomic destination.

You can enjoy local specialities such as Munstera soft cheese with a strong taste, the sauerkrauta dish made from fermented cabbage and meat, or tarte flambéea kind of Alsatian pizza. Local wines, such as Gewurztraminer and the RieslingThey are also renowned for their quality.


Q : How do I get to Kaysersberg?

R : Kaysersberg is accessible by car from Strasbourglocated in about 70 km from there. It is also possible to take the train to ColmarThen take a bus or taxi to Kaysersberg, around 15 km away. Bus companies also offer direct connections from other towns in Alsace.

Q : When is the best time to visit Kaysersberg?

A: The The best time to visit Kaysersberg is in spring and summerIn winter, when temperatures are warmer and the city is bustling with festivals and local markets, the city is also beautiful. However, the city is also beautiful in winter, with its Christmas market and its festive decorations.

Q : What other tourist sites are close to Kaysersberg?

A: Kaysersberg is surrounded by many other tourist attractions in Alsace, including ColmarKaysersberg, the wine route, Haut-Koenigsbourg castle and Monkey Mountain. So it's easy to plan a day trip from Kaysersberg to discover the region.


Kaysersberg is a picturesque town to discover in Alsace, offering a unique experience for lovers of history, culture and gastronomy. gastronomy. With its cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, its medieval churches and its Christmas marketThe town takes visitors on a journey back in time. Don't hesitate to sample the local gastronomy, especially the cheeses, wines and pastries. Kaysersberg is a jewel in the crown of Alsace and well worth a visit.


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