The inflatable kayak: a practical and fun way to sail!

inflatable kayak

Are you looking for a fun and entertaining way to spend time with your family? seasideWhat about the lake or river? This is the perfect opportunity to discover the practice of kayak. The kayak The inflatable boat is a safe and practical way to sail alone or with others. 

Sail in complete freedom with an inflatable kayak

Less cumbersome, the kayak inflatable can be used anywhere. With its carry bag, you can take it anywhere you want and paddle to places where the kayak It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to its double action inflation pump, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Excellent value for money, the purchase of a kayak Inflatable chairs are a lasting investment. On the market, you will find models with a seat that are affordable but of good quality. They are designed for smaller budgets. Others have two seats. removable seats with a choice of one or two seats.

inflatable kayak

What is the difference between an inflatable canoe and an inflatable kayak?

The inflatable canoes and the kayak Inflatable boats are light boats, which can be piloted by one or more paddlers by the force of their arms with paddles or oars. These devices have common features such as being inflated in no time, but also differences in : 

Their shape

The first difference between an inflatable canoe and a kayak The most important criteria for an inflatable canoe is its shape and weight. These criteria vary according to the brand, but an inflatable canoe is a lightweight boat, easily recognisable by its open shape. While an kayak inflatable is a individual boatThis is available in two formats, the sit on top and the kayak sit in or kayak inflatable decked.

The use and price of inflatable and rigid kayaks

The second difference is how they are used. The inflatable canoe or light boat is a better choice for navigating the calm waters such as lakes. In contrast, the kayak inflatable is more suitable for sports nautical. It is not designed for use in calm waters. Ideal for family use, it offers great stability and can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Their paddling method

In general, the paddle used for canoes or light boats has a single blade of about 1 to 1.5 metres depending on the brand. Some brands provide a long shaft and a handle for some models. For its part, a paddle for kayak has two asymmetrical blades on each end of the neck.

Inflatable or rigid kayak: which is the most stable?

In terms of kayakThe offer is diversified. If the models of kayak This is because of the advantages of the inflatable. Compared to one type of kayak rigida kayak is both practical and innovative. It offers great stability and strength, while being robust. Apart from its quick and easy inflation, this type of kayak is rigid to resist shocks. Not to mention its affordable price.

What is the best inflatable fishing kayak?

The models of kayak Inflatable boats are a practical way to sail or fish on the water or in the sea. Easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its inflation pumpThis boat is within easy reach for a ride alone or with a companion. Easy to store in a car boot, a storage bag, to carry on your back or on a transport trolley, it is as handy and light as a kayak rigid. Before you buy a kayakThere are several models available: 

The single-seater inflatable kayak

Ideal for a solo adventure, this model of kayak The inflatable is easy to transport and light. Because of its weight, this kayak is easy to handle. If you are going alone, there is no need to buy a 2 or 3-seater model. To avoid unpleasant surprises, take into account the required accessories

The Itiwit 2-seater inflatable kayak

This kayak The inflatable is ideal for a couple or a couple of friends. Less manoeuvrable but larger, it offers two stable and sufficient seats. The seats in the Itiwit models are higher in order to offer more comfort to users.

The 3-seater inflatable sea kayak

With this model, it is possible to take three or four people on board. For family use, it offers a fun and exciting experience for the whole family. beautiful landscapes. However, this kayak inflatable is difficult to handle because of its weight.

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