How to customise a bottle to make it unique?


Do you want to stand out with a personalised water bottle during your next sports session? Or maybe you are looking for an original and cheap gift to please your children? Find in this article the tips and tricks to create a unique water bottle model that suits your image.

What is the best material for a customisable water bottle?

Depending on your needs, you have several choices in terms of materials for your customisable water bottle.

The customisable stainless steel water bottle


A personalised stainless steel bottle has many advantages. In addition to being strong and virtually unbreakable, the product suitable for all types of liquids. You can make it unique by sticking photos or silk-screening a graphic element of your choice.

The customisable isothermal glass bottle

The glass personalised flask is slightly more fragile due to the brittle nature of the material. However, it has an excellent resistance to thermal shock and can hold any type of drink. This model can be decorated with paint, stickers, glitter and a little glue.

The customisable plastic bottle

Highly appreciated for their lightness and their robustnessThe customisable water bottles made from this material are widely used during sports activities. They are also very practical for children who want to take their favourite drink to school. They can be decorated with words or small characters.

What decoration should be added to a bottle for a kindergarten child?

There are different ways to create personalised water bottles for young children.

Personalise the bottle by adding your first name

The easiest way to make your child's bottle unique is to engrave their name on it. You can do this with a brush and some paint, or with letter-shaped stickers which you glue directly to the outside of the container.

Decorate the bottle with a picture

Your child's bottle can also be personalised with their favourite cartoon characters or cute age-appropriate pictures. Again, this can be done with stickers or printed pictures.

How do you personalise a bottle according to the type of person using it?

The type of decoration to be applied to a gourd depends largely on the person who will use it.

The type of water bottle for sports fans

For sports activities, a simple and handy water bottle is best. All you need is a few accessories like a carabiner and a cover to personalise it.

Marking logo bottles for customers

The personalised water bottle with a name marking is perfect as a corporate gift to strengthen your relationship with your customers. You can add your logo and slogan to make it even more unique.

Where can you customise a water bottle for cheap?

If you are looking for the right place to customise your water bottle, you generally have two options.

  • Personalize the bottle at home;
  • Take the flask to a professional printer, silkscreen printer, or laser engraver.

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