How many people live in Amiens? All you need to know


Amiens has become a tourist destination with its redeveloped city centre, numerous historical sites and a natural areas. But what can you see in this town and how many inhabitants does it have? An overview of this town.



Where is the city Amiens : department and region

You were planning to move to the capital picardy ? Here is everything you need to know about this city in the Sum.

Somme: department of the city of Amiens

Amiens is a French commune belonging to the prefecture of Sum. Known as the Little Venice of the North "This city is crossed by the river Sum which rises in Fonsommes in the Aisne department. Measuring approximately 156.5 km in length, the Sum lends itself to numerous activities such as fishing, fishing canyoningon paddleIntroduction to sailing...

Where is Amiens 80 located?

The city of Amiens is located in the Hauts-de-France region. This region was born from a merger between the former regions of Picardy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. It has a total of 5 departments, including the Sum.

How is the city of Amiens?

You were planning to move to this city in the Sum ? Here's everything you need to know about this municipality.

Is it good to live in Amiens in Picardy?

This city offers an excellent quality of life thanks to its dynamic employment area and its cost of living is quite average. Amiens There are approximately 20,000 companies in the region, most of which are large French and international multinationals. 

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Its relatively mild climate in winter and cool in summer, and the presence of the many parks and green spaces also makes life easier for Amiens quite pleasant. The capital picardy also has a good geographical location and is served by several public transport.

How big is Amiens?

The city has an area of 49.46 km², which makes it the third largest municipality in the Sum after the departments of Crécy-en-Ponnthieur and Hornoy-le-Bourg.

Does the number of inhabitants of Amiens make it a large city?

Amiens has approximately 134,167 inhabitants according to the 2020 population census, making it one of the largest cities in northern France. As the most populous city in the PicardyEvery year, this commune attracts thousands of tourists, but also people looking for peace, quiet and a good quality of life.

What do we call the inhabitants or population of Amiens? 

The people who live in Amiens are called Amiénois. Women are called Amiénoises. 

What are the different districts of Amiens?

Amiens has a total of 26 administrative districts located in 5 sectors: North, Central, South, East and West. All of these locations offer a good living conditions and are home to sites tourist that the city and the whole region are famous for.

What is Amiens known for in France?

Amiens is one of the most attractive cities in France and the first to have inscribed three of its sites in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These include Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedral, one of the country's most famous and largest cathedrals, and the largest building in the world. Gothic of the Middle Ages. The roads to Santiago de Compostela and the belfry of Amiens are also included in this list.

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Other emblematic places that make the city famous: the museum of Picardythe house of Jules Verneon garden of the virtuous, the Samara Parkon zoo of Amiens, the Madeleine cemetery, the Saint-Pierre park... 

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