How to get to and around Amiens?


Amiens is what can be called the cradle of prehistoric archaeology. It is home to monuments that set it apart from other countries, such as the Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedral and the Perret Tower. It is also rich in a green landscape to take your breath away. Close to the countryside and the sea, it is the perfect destination for a stay away from the noise of the Paris region.

Where is Amiens located on a map?

The city of Amiens is the most populated city in the Picardy capital. It is located in the French department of SumIn the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region.

On the card of FranceAmiens is located in :

  • 53 km north of Beauvais
  • 55 km south of Arras
  • 56 km from the Baie de somme à Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme
  • 66 km from Compiègne
  • 71 km west of Saint-Quentin
  • 102 km from Laon
  • 121 km from Calais.

How to get to Amiens by car?

Amiens has the advantage of being close to Paris. It is only 1 hour and 15 minutes from the city of Paris. It is even easier to get there by car. To do so, take themotorway The A16 motorway links the city to the Ile de France and the North Sea ports. It provides access to Great Britain via a tunnel under the Channel. The A29 motorway provides a link to the NormandyYou can also follow the A1 motorway via the A29 section of the motorway, especially to Rouen and Le Havre, and also to the east of France at Reims. You can also follow the A1 motorway via the A29 section. It provides a link to the eastern part of France.

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Where to park for free in Amiens?

There are thousands of parking in Amiens. They are easily recognisable thanks to the P+R sign on the ring road. In addition, the car parks relay stations allow free parking on the outskirts. This encourages intermodality.

In Görlitz Square, for example, you can park for free outside the three market days per week. You can also park your car in the city centre of Amiens from 5.30 pm.

How to get to Amiens by train?

Going to train has the advantage of avoiding traffic jams on the road. The journey takes only one hour if you leave from Paris. This gives you time to admire the splendour of the landscape near Amiens. Above all, you can choose the location, whether it is window-side, head-on, or in the direction of travel. The city has the privilege of having a TGV service with the TGV Haute station Picardy.

Paris Amiens

To join his 2 citiesThere are night trains and sleeper trains. There are more than 20 round trips by train every day. The first departure starts at 6.40 a.m. and does not end until 10.28 p.m. at night. These times can change depending on the day of the week and during the day. weekend where there are fewer people. In general, the number of trains in operation decreases during holidays school.

How to get to the Haute Picardie TGV station?

The city of Amiens is only 40 km from the Haute Picardie TGV station. To get there, you can take the public transportIn particular, the shuttles. It takes 45 minutes to travel from the Haute Picardie TGV station to Amiens, and the same time to return from Saint-Quentin to the station. To avoid a long wait, it is advisable to buy tickets in advance.

You can also come by car. There are two free drop-off car parks at the station.

Where can I buy a ticket for the TGV high speed train to Amiens?

You can buy your ticket to the railway company. If you travel with SNCFYou can pay by card or use your SNCF season ticket. If you buy your ticket in advance, the price is cheaper. To do this, simply select the 'eco' filter on their official website, and compare the prices. Before you buy, be aware that the price of tickets increases during rush hour.

How to get to Amiens from Aix-en-Provence?

To go from Amiens to Aix-en-ProvenceYou have several choices.

  • By train: it takes 5 hours 49 minutes to get there
  • By bus: 13 h 25 min drive
  • By car: 8 hrs 32 min drive
  • By train: for a duration of 8 h 22 min.

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