All about Rambures Castle in 6 answers

Rambures Castle

The Château de Rambures is a reflection of the history of the ancients castles strong of the Middle Ages. It is the result of a masterpiece based on medieval military architecture. It is one of the monuments historical of the Franceclassified by the decree of 23 February 1927. Its architecture is composed of facades, roofs of the common areas and parks with walkways. A discovery of the fully furnished rooms of the fortress awaits you in the Château de Rambures. It is a place full of history allowing for a real time travel. This castle, a real heritage, also has other specific features that make it different. We will answer the essential things to know about the castle from these 6 points.

Rambures Castle
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Where is the Château de Rambures?

 The Château de Rambures is located on the border of the Picardy and the Normandyin the French department of the Sum. This castle is named after the commune where it stands, Rambures.

This commune is south of Abbeville, a few kilometres north of the Bresle valley. This 15th century military fortress is served by the departmental road 928, the A 28 or A 29 motorway and the train. This was the first castle in France built entirely with stones and bricks.

Who built this monumental castle of France?

 The Château de Rambures is of a unique design and the master builder is David de Rambures. He is a Grand Master of the Crossbowmen of France. His rank is the most distinguished of the time and he exercised the highest military office. He was a French knight member of the King's Council. He achieved his highest rank through his military services in Germany in 1388 where he fought on many battlefields. In the time of King Henry IV, he was the saviour of the King's life during a battle.

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A description of the architecture and history of the castle

The Château de Rambures marks the territorial fortress. This castle has summer built in major part for defend the territory. It is built in a rounded form with bricks to defend itself against damage from cannons and stone projectiles.

The brick walls are very thick between 5 and 7 metres. This castle is characterised by its three entry points. The middle door led directly to the guard room, the left door is forced through a brick wall on the other side and the right door leads to the cellar where one must also find the staircase to go up. This design is for a tactical reason.

In fact, when the enemy soldiers have arrived at the castle courtyard, they find themselves in a quandary as to which gate to use. Moreover, this Castle is half hidden and surrounded by wide ditches. It is therefore complex to reach since it does not have summer built in height. Only its watchtower, its high chimneys and its complicated roofs which are raised to protect it. In addition, vibrations were absorbed by vaulted cellars. This system made it possible to avoid and defend against cannon fire even more effectively.

Why visit this castle in the Somme?

 The castle of Rambures is the military architectural heritage the most complete and the most retained with its more than 1000 years of history. The castle offers visitors a a fun and educational course. We will discover all the history through the centuries, played by actors dressed as in In the medieval period. The château des Rambures presents defensive innovations with a treasure trove of stories and charm. There are many other secrets of the castle to explore.

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The castle garden: a rose garden park

A garden or an English-style park surrounds the château des Rambures. This 15-hectare park is made up of century-old trees. It has summer labelled "Remarkable garden since 2006. It consists mainly of rose gardens and arboretum.

The composition of the garden is detailed below:

  • Roses of medieval inspiration are planted in a garden enclosed area of 3200m².created in 2003. A journey through a labyrinth of scents and colours of this garden embellishes the castle's surroundings. More than 500 varieties of old and modern roses are the garden.
  • The garden simple adjoins the medieval rose garden. It is made up of useful dyeing, medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • A space for a fern collection a summer also built in 2007. More than 50 varieties of ferns differ from each other by its shapes, colours and sizes are also developing in the garden of the Castle.
  • A conservatory orchard has summer also recently created. It includes apple varieties, including the famous Rambour.

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What are the activities of the Château?

Life in the castle has improved over the years. In the castle, you can discover outdoor games namely: archery, giant chess and small games of skill.

Inside the castle you can reliving everyday life that marked the history of the castle. Music played with saxophone, piano and flute accompany the visit. The major events of the year are as follows:

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In JuneTake part in the "Rendezvous in the Garden" event From mid-July to the end of Augustenjoy a summer fun and historical with visits, workshops, treasure hunts and games from the past.

15 AugustCelebrate the feast of the Virgin Mary with an open-air mass, a procession and country meals In SeptemberAttend the Heritage Days During HalloweenDiscover the "Horror Rambures Story".

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