Saint-Leu district of Amiens: visit, restaurants and cafés

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With its colourful houses, picturesque alleys, theatres and concert halls, it is not for nothing that it is called the small Venice of the North. As you stroll through the street of Amiens' oldest district, you won't want to turn back, but to settle in for good.

About Saint Leu

Saint Leu already existed since the Middle Ages. Its artisanal past made hearts beat wildly with its mills and its names evoking the history of a popular district. Today, they have disappeared, giving way to art galleries, boutiques, antique shops and bookshops. A new youth is emerging with its bars and restaurants placed everywhere. On sunny days, people come here to drink a glass on the terrace at the edge of the Sum. Designer shops line the streets, stalls and second-hand shops open their doors in the heart of the city.

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What to do in Saint Leu?

In Saint Leu, there is no shortage of activities or entertainment, nor are there any shortages of magnificent streets and monuments rich in history.

A walk along the canals

Walking along the footbridge leading to the Place du DonYou will come across the oldest houses in the city, called "The House of the City".gabled houses". If you continue, you will come across the puppet theatre Chés Cabotans of Amiens. It is located in theformer weaving factory. This is a perfect example of the great tradition of puppetry in Amiens. So well known that even the wooden figures with rods and wires called "cabotins" in picard are the soul of the district.

Don't miss the Passe-avant and Passe-arrière mills. They are the last witnesses of a time when the 25 mills were still in operation in Saint-Leu. At the time, they were used to crush the waide leaves used to make the famous Amiens blue chilli pepper, to grind wheat or to crush bark.

Marvel at the liveliness of the neighbourhood

If you want to get off the beaten track and be overwhelmed by emotion, this is the perfect address. Every year and in every season, the Saint-Leu district features a wide range of concerts and theatrical performances.

The water market in Saint Leu in June

It takes place once a year during the "La rue est à Amiens" festival. It's an opportunity to stroll along the Quai Bélu while watching the sweep of boats filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. It brings back to life the activity of the hortillonnages market gardeners of the 19th century, with traditional costumes worn only for the event.

A medieval experience on the waterfront

Celebrated every first of weekend of September, the "Médiévales au waterfrontThe "new" approach is to make the rue Saint-Leu in an atmosphere worthy of the Middle Ages. During the festival, visitors have the opportunity to experience the daily life, customs and trades of the time on special campsites.

amiens,saint leu

Getting from one venue to another

Throughout the year, in the heart of the saint-leu district, a rich programme of cultural events illuminates the surrounding area: the Ciné Saint-Leuthe Puppet Theatre, the Pirate Moon which is a concert hall and the Maison du Théâtre .

Who to go on this adventure with?

This can be a very rewarding experience for families. Just a stone's throw from the Saint Peter's Park and playgrounds, children can wander through the almost pedestrianised alleys at the foot of the cathedral. You can stop by the theatre to see the famous local puppet "CH'Lafleur" and his gang. Among other things, it is the perfect place to combine a walk, culture and relaxation.

If you prefer to go with friends, no problem. There are plenty of restaurants and bars along the Somme. They mix with the traditional houses of the old town, which give a unique charm. There is nothing better than to gather around a drink on the terrace while enjoying a superb view of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone.

To conclude the visit of the city of Amiens why not treat yourself to a nice restaurant in in love? The Quai Bélu promises an unforgettable moment with its wide choice of restaurants to suit all tastes. How about enjoying a nice candlelit dinner on the terrace along the river Somme, with a view of Notre-Dame Cathedral in the background? A real treat for the eyes and the taste buds. At the same time, try the regional speciality: ficelle picarde. A real delicacy! 

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