Amiens through the eyes of Van Gogh: flats with views inspired by the famous artist

Situated in the north of France, the town of Amiens is full of historic sites and inspiring landscapes that attracted one of the great masters of painting: Vincent Van Gogh. During a stay in this charming city, opting for a holiday flat with a direct view of the motifs that inspired the artist is simply idyllic. In this article, we take a look at some of the accommodation options that offer these exceptional views.

A unique artistic setting steeped in legend

When you think of Van Gogh in France, you immediately think of the Provence region, where he produced some of his most famous masterpieces. However, the artist also spent some time in Amiens, where he found an inexhaustible source of inspiration, both in the natural beauty and in the scenes of the everyday life of the local people. The many parks, gardens and Notre-Dame cathedral offer enchanting panoramas, all the more so when viewed from the comfort of his holiday flat.

Discover these must-see accommodations for art lovers

The flat in local colours

This spacious, bright establishment offers prestigious accommodation for up to six people. Situated in the heart of Amiens, it offers breathtaking views of the cathedral and the old houses lining the Saint-Leu district, whose narrow, winding streets must have inspired Van Gogh in his quest for something new. The flat's furnishings and decor perfectly reflect this artistic ambience, blending contemporary and vintage elements to create a warm setting.

The romantic suite with a pictorial accent

Ideal for couples looking for an unforgettable stay in Amiens, this luxurious suite offers all modern comforts, including an en suite bathroom with a bathtub. spa private bathroom. The main room is decorated with reproductions of Van Gogh's paintings, giving the impression of staying in the heart of an art gallery. The south-facing balcony allows you to take full advantage of the surrounding scenery, particularly the Parc Saint-Pierre, where the cypress trees and ponds recall some of the Dutch artist's most famous motifs.

The family flat with panoramic terrace

Sleeping up to eight people, this fully renovated flat with its modern facilities has retained its authentic charm thanks to its exposed beams and solid oak parquet flooring. What's more, the panoramic terrace adjoining the living room offers a breathtaking view of the Amiens hortillonnages, the floating gardens criss-crossed by narrow canals that fascinated Van Gogh with their singularity and are an ideal place for the family to recharge their batteries after a busy day.

Opinions of delighted holidaymakers

As the opinion left by the travellers Having stayed in these flats, a number of points come up regularly. Firstly, the location is often described as ideal, making it easy to discover the treasures of Amiens on foot and soaking up its very special atmosphere. The quality of the welcome provided by the owners, who are passionate about art and local culture, is also frequently highlighted, adding even more cachet to this type of accommodation. Last but not least, the care taken in decorating and furnishing the premises makes all the difference with the hotels offering travellers a unique experience at the heart of Amiens' heritage.

A delight for the senses, beyond the landscapes

As well as the exceptional panoramas offered by these flats, food lovers will not be outdone during their stay in Amiens. Picardy is full of emblematic local products that you should try on the spot, such as ficelle picarde (a crêpe au gratin filled with ham and mushrooms), Maroilles cheese and the famous Amiens macaroons made with almonds and honey. Ask your hosts for their good addresses and don't miss the chance to discover all the culinary treasures of this flavourful region.

These are just a few examples of the holiday flats awaiting you in Amiens, whose breathtaking views are an unmistakable reminder of Van Gogh's artistic legacy. By staying in one of them, you can not only visit the city's must-sees, but also enjoy an immersive and deeply intimate experience close to the creative genius that characterised the renowned painter.

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