Who do the French prefer to go on holiday with: couples, family or friends?

Choosing between a romantic couple's holiday and a family getaway can be difficult. So who do the French prefer to go on holiday with? A recent survey sheds some light on this summer dilemma.

French couples and the desire to go away together

Being alone on a holiday for two can be the perfect opportunity to strengthen the love and closeness between a couple. However, according to a study carried out by OnePoll for Hôtels.com, 31% of French people prefer not to go on a romantic trip because of various annoying behaviours on the part of their partner.

Annoying behaviour on holiday

  • Wanting to plan everything: some people feel constrained by a lack of spontaneity
  • Spending too much time on your mobile phone: it hinders connection and shared moments
  • Not wanting to take part in the activities on offer: this attitude can lead to frustration

Such behaviour can quickly turn an idyllic holiday into a nightmare for some people, so they prefer to avoid this kind of situation by opting for family trips.

Family trips to strengthen ties

Family holidays are an opportunity to get together and share quality time with loved ones. Despite the challenges this can present, particularly in terms of logistics and funding, many French people prefer to go away as a family.

The magic of family travel

  • Creating unforgettable memories: photos and anecdotes from holidays with siblings or cousins form an important part of the family memory.
  • Encouraging dialogue and communication: being away from the daily grind often helps to strengthen family ties by spending time together in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Discovering new horizons: even if organising a family trip requires more preparation, these shared experiences allow both children and adults to grow and develop culturally.

So going away as a family seems to be a preferred choice for many French people, as it allows them to experience unforgettable moments and strengthen their bonds.

The dilemma of whether to go away as a couple or as a family

Some couples decide to put their relationship first by opting for a one-to-one holiday, while others prefer to organise family holidays to enjoy their loved ones. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why choosing is far from easy.

Why not alternate?

To reconcile everyone's desires within a family, it is possible to find a balance by alternating the types of holiday. For example, some years you can organise trips as a couple and others with the family. This way, it's easier to satisfy everyone and enjoy different experiences.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to go on holiday as a couple or as a family varies according to individual preferences and needs. Studies show that certain annoying behaviours sometimes cause French couples to forgo romantic getaways, while others appreciate family trips and their beneficial effect on the bonds between close friends.Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to make the most of the holiday period to recharge your batteries, spend time with your loved ones and fill up on memories and positive emotions.

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