Unusual: a retired couple have been travelling on a cruise for 500 days because it costs less than a retirement home

Who hasn't dreamt of spending their retirement travelling and discovering the world? That's what a retired couple decided to do more than 500 days ago, thanks to cruise holidays. They've found an original way to make the most of their free time while saving on the costs of a retirement home. Find out how they lead a life full of adventure by choosing to live on a cruise ship rather than in a retirement home.

A bold decision to live their retirement to the full

The travel are often seen as an activity reserved for the young and active, but this retired couple are proving that age is no barrier to exploring the world. Living for over 500 days on a cruise shipThey were able to meet people from all over the world and enjoy the many activities on board. This decision also enabled them to reduce their expenses compared with the cost of a retirement home.

Why choose to live on a cruise ship?

  • The price of a cruise is generally lower than the cost of a retirement home;
  • The chance to discover new horizons and spend time in a variety of destinations;
  • The chance to make friends with other travellers from all over the world;
  • Access to a host of activities and events organised on board;
  • All the comforts and conveniences of a cruise ship.

500 days of endless adventure

During their journey, the couple had the opportunity to discover many countries and enjoy unforgettable experiences. They visited places as diverse as Mediterraneanand South-East Asia, making the most of every stopover to explore new destinations.

The secret of their success: taking advantage of special offers

To be able to travel so much while saving on the cost of their retirement, these two seasoned adventurers regularly take advantage of special offers and discounts offered by cruise companies. This means they can book several consecutive trips at a special rate, simply by changing boats as they wish.

An original lifestyle that inspires other retirees

This couple are not alone in abandoning retirement homes for a new life of travel and escape. In fact, more and more retired people are planning to spend their golden years sailing the seas and oceans, enjoying an exceptional lifestyle all year round:

  • A pleasant climate with mild temperatures;
  • No need to worry about the day-to-day running of a residence;
  • The opportunity to devote themselves fully to their passions and hobbies in a privileged setting.

Preparing your budget for retirement on a cruise

While the idea of living on a cruise ship may be appealing, it's essential to prepare your budget carefully so that you can make the most of the experience. While the cost of a cruise may be lower than that of a retirement home, you also need to take into account ancillary expenses such as :

  • Expenses incurred during stopovers (sightseeing, restaurants, etc.);
  • Any travel insurance;
  • Personal expenses on board the ship (drinks, beauty treatments, etc.).

In short, this retired couple have shown that it is possible to live an active and fulfilling retirement by choosing an original lifestyle, off the beaten track. Their inspiring experience proves that it's never too late to embark on a never-ending adventure and make your travel dreams come true.

Alex Martin

Alex is a visual storyteller whose lens captures the essence of the destinations he explores. A professional photographer, he shares techniques for capturing stunning images that tell a story, as well as guides for photography enthusiasts who want to improve their travel skills.

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