Travel to South Korea: get your K-ETA permit online

South Korea

The ETA is an electronic authorisation to enter a foreign territory. For example, in 2021, South Korea introduced an application procedure to allow visa-exempt travellers to enter South Korea. The request for authorisation is valid for stays for tourist purposes or for unpaid business.

How do I get the K-ETA to visit South Korea?

The K-ETA is the correct name for the South Korean permit. This K-ETA permit is one of the simplest to be obtained online. It is cheaper than a traditional visa on the passport and equivalent to an e-visa.

South Korea

Steps to follow online to obtain K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization)

The application for K-ETA authorisation is made entirely online at Official website of the South Korean Ministry of Justice. Completing the ETA application form is simpler than applying for a standard visa.

There are a total of 5 steps required to apply for the permit: 

Step 1: Document preparation

Please have all the necessary documents ready to fill in the form.

Step 2: Fill in the form

Enter the correct information for the following data: - in the data of your valid passportYou must fill in: nationality, surname, first name, gender, date/place of birth, passport number, expiry date and date of issue - for your personal detailsPlease fill in your home address, email and telephone number - you must also state your job function whether they are currently employed, unemployed, retired or students - there are also information relating to travel coming soon - you must then upload a passport photo and a scan of the passport.

What is the passport photo format for the K-ETA 

The file for the photo must be of JPEG or JPG type. Its format must respect the following dimensions to be accepted: 700*700 max. The file size must be 100 KB max.

What is the format of the passport scan?

It should always be in JPEG or JPG format with a maximum size of 300 KB. The passport identification page must be uploaded in the correct direction.

Step 3: Settlement of the ETA price with the South Korean authorities

Korean embassies set a fee that attracts international tourists. The price of a K-ETA for South Korea is 10,300 won, or 8 euros per request. This value is the fee for processing your file electronically.

Step 4: Time limit for obtaining a K-ETA

The application will be made online, from filling in the form to sending the travel authorisation. If the supporting documents or data are not complete, this procedure takes one month. 1 to 3 days. The South Korean consular authorities advise you to apply for a K-ETA visa at least 72 hours before your flight.

Step 5: Receipt of K-ETA e-visa by email

As soon as your K-ETA electronic travel authorisation has been issued, you will receive a confirmation by email. In this email, you will see the attachment that will be your K-ETA authorization to travel to South Korea.

South Korea

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