Top 10 things to do in Bari, Italy


If you're looking for an unusual place to spend your holidays, visit Bari. It is a large coastal city in southern Italy. Being the capital of PugliaBari is a city with many historical and modern centres, museums, tourist sites that attract many visitors every year, magnificent architecture, but above all, Bari is known for its places of worship where the relics from Saint Nicholas can be found. 40 km of beach surround the town and overlook the Adriatic Sea. The turquoise blue sea offers a breathtaking landscape to this port city.

If you want to visit Bari, but don't know where to go, here are the must-see things that make this old town of Bari so popular.

Visit the historical centre of Bari Vecchia

Bari Vecchia is the historical centre of Bari. If you want to see all the charm of this historic centre, walk through the narrow streets of the city where you can admire the majority of the tourist sites including the famous Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabinor the former Castello Normanno-Svevo fortress. Recently renovated, restaurants surround the streets and the centre has become the movida of the city of Bari. It is the ideal place if you want to see what nightlife in Bari is like.

The Basilica of Saint Nicholas in the Bari area

It is the most famous place in Bari. This favourite place for Catholic and Orthodox believers houses the relics of St Nicholas, as mentioned above. It is said that these relics have miraculous virtues. This is why it has become the place for pilgrimage of the whole of Italy and Europe.

The imposing architecture of the basilica catches the visitor's eye with its arcades and sculpted portals. The interior is decorated with works of art and by its baroque style.

Discover the Norman-Swabian castle or Castello Svevo

It is a great fortress dating from the seventeenth century. It is located between the centre of Bari Vecchia and the sea. It is famous for its Apulia region and Italy. Destroyed and rebuilt by order of Isabel of Aragon, the castle now displays a style from the time of the revival by its square towers, a wide moat, a double-winged staircase, and a large courtyard inside. Inside, you will be captivated by the walls which are sculpted with plasterwork. These hint at some of the tourist attractions to be discovered in the Apulia region.

The Cathedral of San Sabino

Focusing on the Norman-Swabian castleThis cathedral allows you to see what it is to be a Apulian style. This is a perfect example of Apulian Romanesque style. The place is especially dedicated to the worship of Sabin de Canosawho is a bishop of the 6th century. A visit to this cathedral gives you the opportunity to see relics on a cryptto see the interior where the painting of the Virgin of Odigitria. The exterior is adorned by a beautiful white stone façade with a large rose window.

The great Petruzelli theatre

The Petruzzelli Theatre is the largest private theatre in Europe. It can be found at the Corso Cavour. Even if you don't like theatre, it's worth a visit. The establishment has hosted the greatest artists of the time, including Frank Sinatra or even Luciano Pavarotti. Still known today by their classical works. You can contemplate the interior in golden façade and attend one of the shows in real time.

The diocesan museum in Bari

Right next to the Petruzelli Theatre is this museum where you can expand your knowledge. You can admire the baroque façade of this monument nestled in the archbishop's palace. Inside you can see the Exultets, the coloured scrolls date from the 10th and 11th centuries. There is a hall of sacred vestments and a treasure room dedicated to relics of San Donato.

The Corrado Giaquinto Picture Gallery

Lovers of paint and the sculpture will fall under the spell of this main museum of the city of Bari. You can admire several paintings and sculptures that represent theApulian art and theItaly. Works by Tintoretto or Finoglio are on display, along with many other works whose Venetian painting or Neapolitan for example.

Take a walk in Lungomare of Bari

Spend unforgettable moments in this place that looks like a English style in Nice. You can stroll along the seafront and admire the panoramic view in the vicinity. Lungomare is an interesting place by day and by night, and well worth a visit.

Taste the gastronomy of Bari

The Italian gastronomy is more than appreciated all over the world, it is a way of life. During your stay in the province of Bari you can enjoy the delicious local dishes. Treat your taste buds to the Orecchiettewhich are the emblematic paste of the Apulia region. Fall in love with the focaccias, the fish of the province of Bari, theolive oilor local wines.

Touring around Bari in the Castellana caves

The Castellana caves are located 40 kilometres from Bari. The place is a tourist attraction famous for the fairy-tale decor made by the stalagmites as well as the stalactites that are housed in this gallery. Explore the richness of this place with itsancient legendsYou won't regret it.

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