Alberobello - 10 must-do's


Alberobello is a town located in the province of Bari, in the Apulia region, in southern Italy. The city is known for its trulli housesThese are conical buildings with white limestone roofs. If you are visiting Italy and are looking for something unique to see, don't forget to add Arberobello to your list! You won't regret it.


Sleeping in Alberobello in a Trulli

For a unique experience, it's essential to sleep in the famous trulli. The first was built in the 16th century and became the typical dwelling of the region. As time went on, the local population began to use them as shops or boutiquesor as restaurant and hotel. There are now 1,500 trulli in the area, earning it the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you pass through the region of the PugliaStay in one of the Trulli hotels in the area.

The Trullo Sovrano

Also called Sovereign TrulloThe trullo sovrano is the largest trulli in the town of Alberobello. It is the only one with a floor and a staircase. It is the perfect destination for those who want to know a little more about the ancient life of the population, because the interior is rich of furniture andobjects dating from a remote era.

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All' ombra dei leicci

Enjoy a unique experience in this trulli in Alberobello. A total immersion in the world of Alberobello awaits you in this quiet place overlooking the countryside.

Visit the trulli museum in Puglia

This museum retraces life in the trulli through numerous objects and tools. You can trace the tradition of the region in this complex, which includes 15 trulli glued together.

The church of San Antonio in Alberobello, Italy

It is the largest church in the Apulia region, in the Itria Valley. This giant trullo surprises with its architecture and its conical roof covered with slate. It is well worth a visit, as there are no two like it in the world.

The Monti district in Alberobello

If you're wondering what to do in Alberobello, take a tour of this area. It is the tourist district the busiest in the city. Here you can find everything you need, including shops, bed and breakfastIn addition to the above, there are many hotels and restaurants, all in a pleasant and original setting.

The Aia Piccola district

This is the district the oldest and authentic from Alberobello, as it is placed in an open area that used to be a grain threshing floor. You can see 400 trulli in picturesque alleys. However, most of them cannot be entered, as they are still inhabited by the local people.

Walk in the Itria Valley

The Itria Valley is located in the capital of trulli. It offers a unique landscape worthy of a fairy tale. It is perched on a bright white hill, surrounded by circular houses. It has an unforgettable charm.

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Eating in Alberobello to discover the local gastronomy

The city is also known for its Mediterranean cuisine. There are farms offering wine tasting in Puglia, as well as restaurants serving Michelin-starred dishes. You can try theorecchiettewhich is an emblematic dish of the Puglia region, as well as pasticciotto.

visit the castellana caves in the vicinity of Alberobello

The castellana caves are located 20 minutes from Alberobello. You can find stalactites and stalagmites, as well as fascinating caves. The visit lasts at least 50 minutes, and 2 hours for a complete visit.


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