Memorial of the Great War : 5 places to visit

Great War

The Somme reminds us of the dramatic events that took place around 100 years ago. It still bears the scars that the Great War left behind and allows you to discover the websites the most historically representative and memorial. If you are passing through, the following proposals will be of great help to you.

Péronne, museum/historial/circuit of memories of the Great War Somme 1914 1918

As one of the 2 museums that present the history of the Great War, Péronne is dedicated to the world conflict of 14-18. It is also a real reference on the World War I. So, for your souvenir tour, we strongly advise you to start at Peronne. It is one of the most important places in the Remembrance Tour of the Somme.

Great War

Once inside, you will be invited to discover the environment of this museum enriched with history and that of the medieval castle. Then, a room dedicated to theAustralian involvement in the Somme will immerse you directly in the Great War. There will also be a period film A well-documented and educational website (available in 4 languages) that will immerse you in the highlights and historical context. And 5 different rooms ofexhibition dedicated to the Great War are also open to you. This museum highlights the history of the 1916 Battle of the Somme with military objects such as weapons, ammunition, and also with trench crafts.

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What is the purpose of the Thiepval Memorial, the museum of the Great War historial

This is the second museum the historial of the Great War, located at the memorial foot Franco-British. This memorial British franc of Thiepval is one of the most important memorials in the world. A visit to this museum will be a real complement to that of Peronne.

This Thiepval memorial has a room that represents the Battle of the Somme. Of the many multimedia tools and a pit archaeological sites are available for you to enrich your discovery. The course This is followed by the German view of the front and the view of the local population at the heart of the battle, and then a room dedicated to the 90 portraits of German, British and French 'Missing' soldiers.

La Boisselle Mine Hole "Lochnagar Crater

If you visit the Somme Valley in France, be sure to see the La Boisselle mine pit, also known as the Lochnagar crater. This massive hole was created by a British mine explosion under German lines in 1916 and is now one of the tourist attractions on the Remembrance Trail. The 22-metre-deep hole was formed by the explosion of a mine created by the Royal Engineers. The diameter is around 90 metres, and it was filled with nearly 35 tonnes of explosives to ensure that enemy forces on the surface were destroyed before they could reach easier targets such as nearby towns or villages. It's a fascinating piece of history and an interesting stop on your journey.

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The Newfoundland Memorial at Beaumont-Hamel, a visit to the Somme trench

Located in the heart of the Battlefields of the Somme, the park extends over 30 hectares. It leaves no one indifferent. As soon as you arrive, we advise you to go to the top of the small hill where the proud statue of caribou. You will find an orientation guide that will allow you to find your way around, to admire all thespaceSee the maze of trenches and the ground littered with shell holes. Then discover the small cemeteries.

The park Newfoundlander also offers a moving and realistic view of the battles by showing us the battlefield and the network of trenches.

Somme Museum in Albert (1914)

As a reminder, the Battle of Albert began in August 1914. During the Second World War, the underground This museum was used as an air raid shelter, hence its first name "Musée des Abris".

This underground is 10 metres deep and 250 metres long. Indeed, it is through this underground that visitors will be able to discover the life soldiers in the trenches.

Sir John Monash Memorial Centre Villers-Bretonneux France

Don't miss a visit to the Sir John Monash Memorial Centre. This centre commemorates one of Australia's most famous generals of the First World War, Sir John Monash. Here you can learn about his life and military career, as well as the role he played in the Battle of Amiens, considered to be one of the turning points of the First World War. The memorial centre is also home to a number of monuments and graves, making it a must-see destination for anyone interested in the history of the First World War.

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The Sir John Monash Centre is a museum and interpretive centre that celebrates the contribution of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps to the First World War on the Western Front. The site, located near Villers-Bretonneux (Somme) in France, where many Australians served honourably during this period, will allow visitors to discover how these brave soldiers lived as they fought to liberate their country from German oppression.
The visitor can learn more about life under fire by visiting our galleries which contain items such as uniform pieces worn out over decades, weapons used, both accurate and deadly but also noisy, para claw kits, rifles, bayonet knives, religious items, rosaries, sacred beads, etc

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