Family motorhome holidays: our tips for saving money


Are you looking for a unique experience of holidays with your family? Go on a road trip to discover new regions and to enjoy a good time. A family trip that requires a good preparation. Here are some key points to know.

How to live in a motorhome all year round?


For the road-trip enthusiasts or for those who want to try an exceptional experience, it is quite possible to live all year round in a motorhome. A desire to get closer to nature? To go and do extraordinary activities? It is currently possible to live all year round on a trip if you accept certain conditions. 

  • The motorhome cannot be considered as a place of main residence, and therefore requires a home address. To do this, there are several options, such as: asking one of your relatives to register you for tax purposes, registering with the Courrier du Voyageur, approaching specialised organisations - Centres Communaux d'Actions Sociales, etc. (CCAS) or Intercommunity Social Action Centres (ICSW) or an organisation approved by the prefect of the department. In order to benefit from a place of residence, you must register with one of these two organisations.
  • Without motorhomeIf you are not able to go on a family trip, you will not be able to do so. You must therefore choose the model of motorhome the most suitable for your needs. There is the motorhome of large size, the motorhome and even a heavy-duty model. Don't forget to get into the details of the vehicle to best suit your needs during your stay in camping. Check the equipment available, the storage space, the parts, the solidity of the motorhome and its reliability. The advantages and disadvantages you may encounter during your stay in camping are also to be considered.

What is the budget for living in a motorhome all year round?

Living in motorhome means saving money, and your expenditure will be linked to your lifestyle. It is best to prepare a specific itinerary in advance so that you can anticipate the budget you will need to prepare. There are some additional costs to consider such as 

  • The first thing is the camping This is the place that will welcome you. It is best to book in advance, as some types of camping have a limited number of locations. It is therefore advisable to plan your site in advance in order to avoid placing yourself in isolated locations.
  • The price of fuel varies depending on the country you wish to travel to. The price can vary from station to station and also from one type of petrol to another. It is best to consider the price of petrol in advance.
  • Tolls are also an important element to include in your expenses. Your road trip may be able to use the toll motorways. If you have planned your trip in advance, it is possible to avoid some of these costs by changing your itinerary, but may require more fuel consumption.
  • The activities you have planned are included in your expenditure during your stay in camping. Of course, there are free activities to do, but others require money. You would need to budget for other things if, for example, you were planning to find a tour guide or take surfing lessons.
  • The budget for food should also be considered, as it can represent a significant part of your expenses. In order to keep expenses to a minimum, it is advisable to cooking during your family trip to avoid eating in restaurants. You can bring your own cooking utensils. Other vehicle models are equipped with a refrigerator, so you can keep your meals cool. 

What is the price of a weekly rental for a motorhome?

Rent a motorhome can represent a sum quite important. It depends on your preference, if you want a motorhome compact 2-seater or a motorhome luxury family. The price also varies according to the number of beds, the age of the vehicle and the season chosen. The season is divided into 4, of which the high seasonthe beginning of the half-season, the end of the half-season and the low season. The price is between 350 € à 1800 €The number of beds varies from 2 to 7 or more, depending on the type of vehicle and the season chosen.

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