How to organise a trip to discover southern Italy

Italy, South

Italy is a tourist destination par excellence, where you'll find everything from architectural heritage dating back to ancient times, a generous Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, mountains, towns and villages with unusual charms and a gastronomic reputation that's second to none. 

When you think of Italy, you immediately think of cities like Milan, Rome and Florence, or regions such as Sicily and Lombardy. However, there is still a lesser-known part of the country that can be explored away from the crowds and with inimitable authenticity: southern Italy. 

In this article, we take you on a journey to discover the southern third of Italy. We'll give you all the details you need to plan a trip there, from the logistical aspects (destination airport, flights...) to the must-see places you won't want to miss, so you can put together a dream itinerary.

Italy, South

How to get to Southern Italy by plane

Here we will only discuss air links to southern Italy. It is of course possible to get there by car, by train or by bus, but these options are always more time-consuming and expensive. 

Which destination airport to choose  

The first step in your journey will be to choose your point of departure. As we will see, you will have several options for your destination airport, depending mainly on the places you wish to visit. 

Naples Airport

For a purely southern Italian trip, the obvious choice is Naples-Capodichino International Airport. The airport is only 6 km north of the city. You can therefore reach the city centre very easily.

Rome's airports

Rome is also an interesting option, especially if you want to take advantage of your stay to visit the Eternal City and its coliseum. There are two major international airports in Rome, Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport. Both offer extensive connections to France 

From Rome you can easily reach the south of Italy, for example, it is possible to reach Naples in only two hours.

Flights to Naples from France

Here are the airports that can offer you a flight to Naples from France. Please note that not all airports will be able to offer you a direct flight.

For airports with a stopover, the travel time shown in this table is always for the fastest flight. So if you want to leave from one of these airports, make sure you get there early to avoid the long layovers that can sometimes last for hours. 

Airport of departureDirect / stopoverTravel time
Roissy Charles de GaulleDirect flight2h20
LyonDirect flight1h50
Geneva Direct flight1h45
NiceDirect flight1h25
Nantes1 stopover4h15
Bordeaux1 stopover4h05
Marseille1 stopover4h10
Toulouse1 stopover3h50
Strasbourg1 stopover5h30

In addition, for some of the flights with a stopover, the connection is made at Roissy CDG airport, so it is potentially more interesting to go directly to Paris to catch your flight from there. 

Flights to Rome from France

If a diversion to the Italian capital is more to your liking, you will have much less difficulty finding a direct flight from any airport. In addition, many low-cost airlines offer this route as it is a European capital. If you plan ahead, you'll have no trouble finding a return ticket for €50 or less. This is a great deal for the rest of your trip. 

Airport of departureDirect / stopoverTravel time
Roissy Charles de GaulleDirect flight2h20
OrlyDirect flight2h20
LyonDirect flight1h45
Geneva Direct flight1h30
NiceDirect flight1h20
NantesDirect flight2h10
BordeauxDirect flight2h20
MarseilleDirect flight1h30
ToulouseDirect flight1h45
StrasbourgDirect flight1h40
LilleDirect flight2h20

Airport parking in France

On the day of your departure, if you are planning to drive to your departure airport, consider booking your airport parking in advance. This will save you extra stress and if you do it early enough, you can make significant savings. 

Logically, airport car park prices increase according to the number of spaces available and demand. So if you're planning to leave in summer, it's crucial to book several months in advance to benefit from a lower price.

If you really want to find the cheapest parking space, we recommend that you look for a private car park. This is because the official parking areas offered by airports are quite expensive compared to private facilities. To give you an idea, the car parks at Roissy airport cost more than €100 per week, whereas with a private car park you will have the opportunity to book a space for less than €50 per week if you plan ahead. The only difference is that you won't be within walking distance, but don't worry, private car parks always provide an included transfer to the airport. 

What to visit in Southern Italy 

There is no shortage of things to see in southern Italy. You're sure to find something of interest, whatever your preference. Here are some tips to help you plan your stay. 

First of all, there is the city of NaplesNeapolitan city, the great metropolis of the south (more than 3 million inhabitants), cradle of pizza and great Mediterranean port. You will find many monuments that cannot be ignored, an unreasonable passion for football and especially for Diego Maradona and finally, the opportunity to taste the best Neapolitan pizza of your life. 

Italy, South

Right next to Naples, there are two southern essentials whose destinies are intimately linked, the city of Pompeii and the Vesuvius volcano. You will have the opportunity to discover the ancient city engulfed by the lava torrent and one of the last active volcanoes in one day with an organised excursion. 

Italy, South

If you love tranquillity, beautiful natural landscapes and swimming, then you're going to love Puglia. This little-known part of Italy is located on the 'heel of the boot', with one side facing the Mediterranean and the other facing the Adriatic Sea. So there's no shortage of beautiful beaches. If you fancy a road-trip or a simple weekend in this region, don't hesitate to consult our complete guide to visit Puglia

Italy, South
Italy, South

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