Sri Lanka: how to get your visa easily?

Sri Lanka

For a traveller, the best way to get a visa is to do it directly online. This is theTravel Authorization Electronics (ETA) on the internet as well as the DI & E or the Immigration and Emigration Department of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

In order to visit Sri Lanka, you must obtain an e-visa or ETA for the country. Due to the reciprocity of citizens of the Republic of Singapore and MaldivesThe ETA is not required to visit Sri Lanka. The DI & E of Colombo is the only one authorised to issue the ETA. Holders of diplomatic and official passports are exempt from the ETA processing fee if their applications have summer submitted by state authorities.

Sri Lanka


How do I get a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Before you go to Sri Lanka, make sure you have the essentials such as documents (passport and ETA which can be obtained online). You will also need to be vaccinated by the universal vaccines such as hepatitis B, DPTD or hepatitis A, which is highly recommended.

Passport: formalities for entering Sri Lanka

To enter Sri Lanka, a traveller must have a passport that has a validity of validity of at least 6 months. He must also have the ticket of return and proof of income for the duration of the stay. 

A minor must have an identity document or passport for Sri Lanka. There is a regulation in each country for permission to leave a territory if a child is not accompanied by an adult. They must have an identity document, a passport, an application for a visa Sri Lanka in a form signed by an adult with parental authority and a photocopy of the signing adult's identity document.

ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization

An ETA or a Travel Authorisation An electronic pass is a mandatory key document for entry into Sri Lanka. It is personal and nominative and can be obtained online through a website platform. All you have to do is Fill in the form a few days before your departure.

ETA is not really a visabut rather a electronic permission which allows you to enter Sri Lanka. It is certified and compliant by the Sri Lankan Immigration Department.

How much does an ETA visa for Sri Lanka cost?

52 euros is the amount to be paid for a visa for Sri Lanka. This price is to be paid online once you have completed the form on the platform. You can make the payment with an international card such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

  • Price of a visa ETA for tourism

The tourist ETA is the application for visa the most received. It is suitable for a family visit, a leisure or holidays. With this authorisation, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. The cost of visa ETA tourism is 52 euros.

  • Price of a visa business for Sri Lanka

Different from the price of a visa ETA for tourism, the visa The business traveller's permit also has different conditions of application. It applies to business travellers who visit Sri Lanka for business meetings, seminars or training. It also has a maximum duration of 30 days and allows multiple entries into Sri Lanka. The visa business costs on average 30 US$. The price may vary during the year.

  • Price of a visa free transit to Sri Lanka

For single-stop trips to Sri Lanka, travellers choose the free transit ETA. Most travellers tourist make a short stopover for a day or two in Sri Lanka before flying back to South India. For this kind of situation, a visa in good standing is not mandatory. It is sufficient that they have a visa electronically. In any case, the visa ETA transit does not require no charge since the travel authorisation only allows a 48-hour stay.

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