Where does Ponant offer cruises?


The Ponant cruise line offers a variety of destinations in luxury and comfort all over the world. The French luxury cruise line has small, high quality ships. Designed for cruises in the poles, in America, in Europein Africa, Eurasia or AsiaThe company targets high-end customers with unique travel and adventure experiences.

Le Ponant : luxury cruise ship company


Ponant is a cruise line established in 1988 in France to promote luxury cruises. It offers unique voyages for the cruise enthusiast, sailing under the French flag. The four Ponant ships (the Boréal, Austral, Soléal and Lyrial) were built between the years 1991 and 2015). They feed the vision of travel in the luxury and the dark side with brightnessBut at the same time they are discreet. With their small size, they have easy access to ports, unlike the big liners.

Ponant expedition or yachting cruises

The sailing boat of the French is equipped with 16 cabins and suites. Similar to a private yacht, the number of passengers is limited, a few people on an expedition cruise between in love of sailing or the sea.

For your pleasure and well-being, the Ponant cruise ship is being renovated in 2019. The notion of luxury yachting is redefined into a true precious casket. It is more intimate with the majestic three-master to ensure the ultimate journey.

The different destinations possible for a trip with the company

The Ponant fleet offers destinations using exceptional itineraries for its 4 cruise ships: 

Arctic Cruise (Greenland Island)

An Arctic cruise is a real adventure where you are treated to unique encounters. You will discover the immense scenery of theisland Greenland to Spitsbergenpassing north of Arctic Canada or Iceland.

Africa Cruise (Seychelles)

Le Ponant brings you the gentle wind in the heart of the Indian Ocean and the haunting melody from Africa. You will discover joyful dreams of paradise and wilderness.

Europe Cruise (Norway, Iceland, etc.)

What more could you ask for than the coming together of water, fire and air on your cruise in Iceland or the must-haves Norwegian Fjords ? Impressive mountains and glaciers offer unique panoramic views.

Mediterranean Cruise

Discover the fascinating history and cultures of the Mediterranean on board a yacht! A Mediterranean cruise is a unique opportunity to lose yourself in the richest diversity of sites and lifestyles.

Particularities of the Ponant company

The Ponant company is distinguished by sponsorship and the yacht club. The Yacht Club loyalty club divides members into 3 categories: 

  • On your second trip on a Ponant cruise, you will join the Major category. You will get one hour of wifi on the ship and free laundry on board. In addition, you will receive € 50 excursion credit. 
  • After confirmation of your fourth cruise, you are assigned to the Admiral category. It entitles you to €100 tour credit, an upgrade, laundry facilities, 4 hours of internet access, 20% discount in the Ponant shop and on selected drinks.
  • On your seventh cruise, you go up to the Grand Admiral category. Free laundry on board, €150 excursion credit, upgrade when available, 10 hours free wifi, 20% discount in the shop, 30% discount on drinks, 30% discount on spa or hairdressing treatment and you also have the right to change your cruise up to 90 days before departure.

The Ponant sponsorship is very popular with travellers thanks to its generous benefits. If you refer a friend, you will receive a €300 discount on your cabin (valid for your next cruise). At the same time, the person you refer (godson) will also receive a €200 discount on their first cruise.

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