Motorhome parks in La Rochelle: A complete guide for a totally free getaway


Whether you are passionate about motorhome or you simply wish to discover La Rochelle and the surrounding area in a different way, theair camping-car is the ideal option for a completely free getaway. In this article, we present a complete guide to motorhome airs in La Rochelle, as well as the campsites that accept motorhomes in the region. Get ready for an unforgettable experience, combining nature, heritage and relaxation.


Camping-car parks in La Rochelle :

La Rochelle offers a selection of well-equipped motorhome parks, where you can park your vehicle safely and enjoy all the necessary amenities. Here are some of the best motorhome parks in the region:

a) The Vieux Port motorhome park :

Located right in the heart of La Rochelle, this car park is ideally placed for exploring the city. You'll be close to tourist attractions, restaurants and shops.

b) Port Neuf motorhome park :

Nestling between the Vieux Port and Plage de la Concurrence, this area lets you enjoy the sea and seaside pleasures while being close to the town centre.

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c) The Porte Royale motorhome park :

Situated close to the town's ramparts, this area offers a calm, leafy setting. You can relax while enjoying easy access to the main tourist attractions.

Campsites for motorhomes in La Rochelle :

If you prefer to stay at a campsite and have your motorhome with you, there are several establishments in the La Rochelle area that cater for motorhomes. Here are a few examples:

a) Les Minimes campsite :

Ideally located near the Minimes marina, this campsite offers spacious pitches for motorhomes, as well as adapted services and facilities.

b) Le Beaulieu campsite :

Located in Puilboreau, a few kilometres from La Rochelle, this family campsite accepts motorhomes and offers a peaceful setting surrounded by greenery.

c) Les Ayguades campsite :

Located on the Ile de Ré, near La Rochelle, this campsite offers pitches for motorhomes and direct access to the beach.

Things to do and see in a motorhome in La Rochelle :

As well as motorhome parks and friendly campsites, La Rochelle is full of activities and discoveries to make during your motorhome getaway. Here are a few suggestions:

a) Visit to the Old Port and the historic centre :

Explore the picturesque narrow streets, admire the medieval towers and soak up the authentic atmosphere of La Rochelle.

b) Relaxation on the beaches :

Make the most of La Rochelle's coastline by visiting nearby beaches such as Plage de la Concurrence or the beaches of Ile de Ré.

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c) Excursion to the La Rochelle Aquarium :

Don't miss a visit to one of Europe's largest aquariums, where you can admire a wide variety of marine species.

d) Discovering the Ile de Ré :

Cross the bridge and discover the Ile de Ré by motorhome. Explore its picturesque villages, unspoilt beaches and unspoilt countryside.


L'air camping-car à La Rochelle is an excellent option for discover the region in complete freedom. With its well-equipped motorhome parks and welcoming campsites, you can make the most of your stay. Between cultural visits, outdoor activities and moments of relaxation, La Rochelle promises an unforgettable getaway. Pack your motorhome and set off on your adventure!

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