Where do the Charentais slippers come from?


In search of comfortable slippers How about a warm pair of slippers to keep your feet warm during the winter season? You've probably heard of the famous Charentaise slipper. Made in France, they combine traditional craftsmanship and high quality natural materials. Ideal for cocooning in pyjamas at home, there are also hard-wearing charentaise slippers that are perfect for outdoor use.

Charentaises: where do they come from?

From the southwest charentaises were first produced in Charente, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France. Very warm, these comfortable, high-fitting slippers protect your feet from damp and cold. Their wool lining and felt soles will keep your feet warm. Made in France, the charentaise slippers are hand-sewn using natural materials such as sheep's wool or pure mohair wool. Genuine Charentaise slippers are handmade using the innovative sew-and-turn technique.


How to recognize a real charentaise

An emblematic product of the Charente-Maritime region in south-west France, slippers traditional charentaises can be worn by men and women all year round. However, to enjoy optimal comfort, you should choose original and quality products. A real charentaise is easy to recognize thanks to : 

  • its leather, not plastic, end tabs
  • its perfectly thick leather sole with the traditional brands.
  • its straight heel with a rounded toe.
  • its unique colour, namely black or dark brown.

What are the most comfortable men's and women's charentaise slippers?

Since their creation, Charentais slippers have come in a variety of forms, each with its own strengths. You'll find : 

  • The charentaises felt sole These models appeared at the end of the 17th century. They are comfortable, warm, robust and flexible. Flexible, these types adapt and extend easily to the foot. In the past, these true charentaises were called "silencieuses" because they could be worn without wearing out the feet and without noise. These comfortable slippers come in two categories, namely three and five-chain charentaises.
  • Charentaises with rubber and elastomer soles are a good choice if you're looking for a model that can stand up to all kinds of weather. Like the shoe, this type of sole will allow you to go out on the terrace or in your yard without worrying about the conditions outside.
  • Innovative products to respond to the constraints of traditional charente such as the charentaises felt foulonné and the crepe comfort slippers. The first type is seamless and has a thicker sole to ensure a better fit. comfort optimal. The crepe comfort model or the model with a plastic-coated felt sole has been designed to overcome the disadvantages of the classic charentaise. It has a classic felt sole with a protective, non-slip pad.

What are the best French charentaise brands?

Choosing charentaises made in France is synonymous with comfortable, quality footwear, designed to the highest standards. Enjoying a durable, warm and sophisticated shoe is possible if you choose a reputable brand. Among the most renowned brands of charentaises today, we can distinguish : 

Sheep Shoe

The cozy charentaises The graphic prints of Chausse-mouton are very popular. With their Wax-inspired print, this Harlequin model will certainly seduce the most fashionable. Stuffed inside and printed outside, their crepe sole is non-slip.


Hot in front! Like Sheep ShoeArthur also offers charentaise with a typical French print, but in light colours. To keep your feet warm all day long, Arthur makes his products from natural materials such as wool and cotton.


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