Round the world cruise: 6 questions to ask yourself?

Round the world cruise

Do you have a list of things to do at least once in your life? If so, the cruise Is it a part of it? If not. It's time to put it on the list. Make a cruiseis to embark on a adventure It is a rewarding and unforgettable experience that you will not soon forget. It gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty that nature has to offer. If you are thinking of doing this experienceIf you are planning a trip to the United States, you will probably have some questions on your mind. So, in order to best prepare for this sumptuous trip, here are some tips to know before you leave.


How long does a round-the-world trip last?

For many, travelling around the world in cruise is a dream come true. Some people want to make it last for a long time, while for others a few days are more than enough. There is no predefined time, because it really depends on the situation and the means of each person. What is certain is that a ticket for a cruise always has a validity of at least one year. This is logical, as the majority of travellers go to sea for a period of at least one year. 6 months and even of a year. As you can see, this is not a trip to be taken lightly. On average, you will begin a period of relaxation of at least 125 days on board the cruiseaway from the city's goings-on.

When should you leave?

You have to choose the ideal period for this kind of experience to fully enjoy it. This depends mainly on the climate of the countries and the location of the stopover.

If you are going to cruise during springit is better to opt for the Mediterranean. The price is more attractive than during the high season, and the temperature is ideal. It is also the perfect time to go for a ride in AsiaIn Sri Lanka, India, or South America.

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In summerDiscover theEurope of the North and enjoy the polar day. From July to September, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the French Polynesia and pacific islands. Marine species such as manta rays and whales are also present. L'summer is also the ideal period to go on expeditions to the Arctic, North America and Alaska.

For theautumnTake a tour in cruise in Canada and Norway to see the northern lights.

In winterThere's nothing better than spending it in the sun. It's time to go to the islands of the Caribbean, the West Indiesin Australia and New Zealand.

How many stops does a cruise make?

The stopover depends on the company of your choice. You can expect 43 to 60 stops different, but still, the itinerary remains varied. You can therefore go on a cruise twice in a row with the same company, but at different locations than before. For example, you can go up to msc cruises between 2021 and 2022. In the first year, the company has chosen to go to the Caribbean SeaThey have been to Central and North America, but also to China and Japan. While for the second year, they decided to make numerous stops in the Pacific.

Round the world cruise

How to pack for a round-the-world cruise?

The success of your cruise A trip around the world depends on many parameters. You need to choose the right period for the trip. It is also important to know the formalities to be respected. Before go around the world on a prestige cruiseyou must also make your suitcase properly.

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On this trip, you should first of all pack medicines for headachesDon't forget your smartphone. A headset can also be useful during your cruise. To protect yourself from sunburn on board the boat, bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Take a camera with you to capture the most memorable moments of this adventure. Unless you have a state-of-the-art phone that allows you to take beautiful pictures.

In terms of dress, skirts, dresses, light trousers, blouses and jeans are essential for women. For men, we can mention shirts, timeless shorts, etc.

During a cruiseyou have the opportunity to indulge in multiple activitiesincluding swimming. So remember to bring one or two swimming costumes and a towel.

How much does a cruise cost?

For this trip of a lifetime, the budget must be taken into account. You need to plan for between €8,000 and €21,000 per person to enjoy this experience. In most cases, the companies cruises offer tariffs all inclusiveThis is a package with the day's meal already included.

Regarding the cruises high-endas the Costa cruises or the Msc cruisesThey offer all-inclusive. In this case, the meal, as well as the drinks and the 15 excursions are already included in the price.

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Do not forget to include in your budget the personal expenses such as shopping in shops or photo shoots,

What documents should I bring with me on a luxury cruise?

For a world tour each passenger must carry his or her own visa and a passport still valid. It is essential to anticipate this box visaThe visit of the countries during the stopover depends on this. Without it, you will not be able to embark on this extraordinary journey.

Don't forget that for all type of cruiseIt is recommended to have a travel insurance. This step is important to insure you during your trip and for the duration of your stay. It is taken out at the same time as the booking of the ticket for this world tour.

In order not to have a bank card If your bank account is blocked during your trip, you should inform the bank. At the same time, don't forget to change your foreign currency for your purchases abroad.

To enter most countries, you need to be vaccinate. Yes, you won't miss out on this mishap to make your dream of cruise of prestige.

Is there a doctor on board the cruise ship?

The unexpected must be anticipated to avoid problems on board the ship. For a health concern, there is usually a doctor competent at your service. However, if you have opted for a small cruiseIt is the duty of the purser contact the nearest hospital to help you. In any case, it is always best to bring your first aid kit with you during this long stay.

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