Canyoning - How to equip yourself for this activity?


If you want to do something in the wilderness, there's nothing better than the canyoning. It is the best way to recharge your batteries physically, but especially mentally. For those who don't know, canyoning is the ultimate outdoor sports activity. It is on a par with water walk, climbingor mountaineering. The aim is to lower the canyons by combining it with other exercises, such as stretching relaxation or the meditation. As nature is in constant motion, equipment is essential.


What equipment should I use for canyoning?

To prevent risksIt is best to bring everything with you. protective equipment necessary to ensure safety. The materials used are the same whether you are a solo or group adventurer. The choice of material depends on your taste and the exercises you want to do. It may be that others bring a swimming costume to immerse themselves in the natural slidesOthers may need to towels and a small snack for a picnic, without forgetting the water bottle. In any case, here are the essentials to enjoy this outdoor activity with peace of mind.

Wearing a neoprene suit

The neoprene suit is a specific canyoning suit, used to protect against the cold. It is a rubber suit made from polychloroprene. L'thickness of this depends on the temperature of the water. This is not always obvious, as the water temperature varies according to the season. If the water is cool enough, a combination of 5 mm is ideal. Some have extra reinforcement on the knees, elbows and buttocks.

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Depending on the duration of the activity, the choice of combination may vary.

  • The combination classic This two-piece suit is best suited for canyons in the Verdon, à the Estéron, à Ciansor in the Vesubie. It draws a thin layer of water into the body, but this is quickly removed by the canyoneer's body heat.
  • The combination waterproof Unlike the classic wetsuit, this one does not let water in.

Wear neoprene socks

They are essential for keep your feet warm and to keep them dry. Socks should fit snugly against the skin to give optimum protection. Ideally, you should choose socks of a 4 mm thick.

Choosing the right canyoning shoe.

When canyoning, the terrain can be slippery and wet. It is then necessary to opt for a anti-slip shoe and water resistant. The soles should have good grip to facilitate movement for this type of activity. sports activity.

Wear a safety helmet

You can never be sure of the unexpected in this type of outdoor activity. The probability of falling rocks is high, so wearing a helmet is a must. imposed by the legislation on personal protective equipment.

The safety harness for canyoning in the wild

The safety instruction often requires the wearing of safety harness in the context of canyoning. The reason is simple. It is the attachment point to a rope. For information, there are rope techniques in canyoning, such as the abseiling hanging on the handrailsThe wetsuit is designed to be used in the water, as well as on the rope. A protection is added at the buttocks to save the wetsuit from the risks of slipping on the natural slides.

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Equip yourself with a canyoning lanyard

The lanyard is the link between a harness and an anchor point. It is used to attach to a rope for protection.

Using a canyoning rope

It is often used in the static rope for abseiling and handrails. It is important that the colour of the rope is correct. visible in the water.

The canyoning backpack and waterproof canister

Even in the midst of relaxation, you will get hungry at some point. The rucksack It is a great help for those short picnic moments. But since it will end up in the water, it must be equipped with a waterproof canister to float the bag, and to prevent liquid from entering the phone or first aid kits.

It is recommended that this PPE be compliant with European standards.

Where to go canyoning?

There are many canyoning centres throughout France. Some provide the materials needed for this activity, such as the Canionyng Verdon or the canyoning in Ardèche.

Whatever the location, the important thing is to enjoy the moment to the full and to be safe.

Are you a private individual who wants to try canyoning?

For several years now, we've been hearing about canyoning as a leisure activity, popular with many holidaymakers in search of thrills and activities that are out of the ordinary. That's not lost on you either, as you're sitting here reading this article! But you must realise that canyoning is not something to be taken lightly, and even less so when you're an inexperienced individual. Canyoning requires certain prerequisites:

  • Have the right equipment, know how to transport it and use it safely;
  • Have a good knowledge of the different obstacles and natural elements that you may have to overcome;
  • Be in good physical shape, because although you don't need to be a top athlete, canyoning requires a minimum of strength and agility;
  • It is also essential to know your limits: if you are claustrophobic or suffer from vertigo, your outing may be shortened, especially if you are alone.
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For these different reasons, it is safer and more practical to do a few canyoning trips supervised by a professional. In Grenoble, for example, several providers offer half-day sessions, with the possibility of choosing between several gorges, depending on your level → try here. This allows you to have a first approach to the discipline in complete safety, without having to worry about the equipment, which is even more interesting if you practice this activity with your family. A qualified instructor will be able to show you the best techniques for abseiling, attaching your ropes, or overcoming obstacles. Moreover, the fact that you practice in a group will allow you to see the techniques learned put into practice by others, and the cohesion created within the group allows you to reassure yourself in case you get stuck on an obstacle.

If you feel ready to try canyoning, it is important to find a serious organisation and qualified instructors, who will introduce you to the practice in a safe and educational way. To do this, you can search on the Internet and rely on the opinions of users, use word-of-mouth, as recommended by this siteYou can also visit the tourist office of the town where you are going on holiday.

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