"He dumped me after 9 hours on a plane at the other end of the world": your worst travel stories as a couple

In this article, a number of people tell us about their most complicated and disappointing travel experiences as a couple to help anyone who has ever experienced this kind of situation to exorcise their own disappointments with a touch of lightness and humour.

Honeymoon ruined by cystitis

In 2018, a reader travels with her boyfriend to Bali to enjoy the start of their relationship in a heavenly setting. In the honeymoon phase of their relationship, they have regular sex... until she catches cystitis.

Her stay turned into an ordeal, with constant trips back and forth between the hotel room and the toilet. In the end, she was unable to move and suffered intense pain.

  • Romantic journey turns tragic
  • Medical care abroad is expensive
  • The rest of the holiday is ruined by illness

The highlight of the show?

Her boyfriend has to go off on his own without her for a week, leaving their relationship to suffer as a result of this difficult experience.

A surprise break-up in the West Indies

During a two-week trip to the West Indies, another woman remembers falling in love with her partner. The two were inseparable at the time. However, after only a few days in this earthly paradise, in the middle of their holiday, the man announced that he wanted to end their relationship.

Between incomprehension and anger, she finds herself alone on the other side of the world, with no idea how to get home earlier than planned and without paying an astronomical sum to change her plane tickets.

  • A shock that dashes all hopes of a pleasant journey
  • Obligation to live with your ex during the rest of your holidays
  • Complicated and costly return home

Climbing too fast

It was also during a trip to Peru given by another reader that a too-rapid ascent to altitude seriously damaged her relationship with her boyfriend. After walking for several days without any problems, she suddenly had to stop her efforts when the high altitude caused intense headaches, breathing problems and permanent dizziness.

Her boyfriend, much less affected by the altitude, nevertheless continues to climb alone, abandoning his sick and exhausted companion at the bottom. His selfish attitude leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of this young woman, who wonders if she can continue to love someone capable of leaving her in the lurch.

Travel, the ultimate test for couples

Infidelity in Australia

Among the most painful experiences, infidelity during a romantic trip takes first place for some people. This was the case of a young woman who went to Australia with her boyfriend.

While she sleeps peacefully after a busy day, he leaves their bedroom to flirt and have sex with other women. She eventually wakes up to find a message on her phone clearly indicating his disloyal intentions.

  • Misunderstanding and betrayal
  • Lies and deception
  • Break-up and return difficult to envisage

These stories are proof that travelling can be a real ordeal for couples. Whether due to health problems, selfishness or deceit, each of these stories reminds us that even happy, unforgettable moments can be turned upside down at any time. The authors have rightly felt anger and disappointment, but it's also through these bad experiences that we often learn more about ourselves and those around us.

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