How long does it take to get a Kenya visa?


You need to obtain a Kenya E-Visa to travel to the country, as recommended by the authorities. This type of visa is found almost everywhere in the world, simplifying administrative procedures for travellers in the context of business or tourism. Since 1 January 2021, visas are no longer issued at the Kenyan Embassy. A 16-year-old European and French national therefore needs an E-Visa before departure for travel to Kenya. The E-Visa for Kenya is issued before arrival in the country in a 3 to 7 days.

How to get a Kenyan visa quickly?

There are various ways of obtaining a visa for Kenya. For faster processing, there is online visa issuance. Thanks to modern technology, advanced tools make it possible to obtain your E-visa for Kenya as quickly as possible. The first option is to complete the formalities online on the Kenyan authorities' website. The second option is to go through an agency that specialises in obtaining electronic visas.


When to apply for a Kenya E-visa online?

Nationals of France, Switzerland, Belgium and citizens of the European Union must have an electronic visa. before departure and entry into Kenya. It is compulsory, regardless of the reasons for and duration of your stay, as the E-visa is no longer issued on arrival.

How long does it take to get a visa for Kenya?

The E-Visa or electronic visa for Kenya takes around one week to obtain. 7 working days with the country's diplomatic authorities. This time is necessary for the Kenyan consular authorities or the Kenyan embassy to review the file. With a remote IT solution, this represents an advantage in your round-trip time. However, it is always prudent to start the application within 15 days before departure to avoid delays.

How much does a visa cost for tourism in Kenya?

Short-stay entry permit for Kenya is 91€. For Kenya, the fees for business and leisure travel are the same. Visa fees for Kenya online have been set at 53€This includes bank charges. There are also additional fees for the agency service if you use it.

The formalities to follow on the official website of the Kenyan Embassy

Here are the formalities for obtaining a visa on the official website of the Kenyan Embassy: 

  • Prepare the file: passport valid for 6 months, identity photo, etc.
  • Fill in the application form: go to the official website where you can start filling in the form without making any mistakes.
  • Make the payment: at the end of the procedure, use your credit card for online payment.

Collecting your Kenya visa: one week after application, your E-Visa will be granted and can be collected. by email.


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