Formalities for travelling to Uganda - visa and passport


The issue of visas on arrival has summer suspended on 1 July 2021. Since then, all passengers wishing to travel to Uganda must arrive with a visa obtained online. The time taken to obtain an E-visa for Uganda is 3 working days. This electronic e-visa system set up by the Ugandan authorities is valid from the date of issue with a validity period of 90 days. Your arrival in the country must be within this period and the length of your stay is determined by the dates recorded during the online order.

The facts about Uganda before arriving in the country

Uganda is a country in East Africa, in long form the Republic of Uganda or the Republic of Uganda. It is part of the Great Lakes region of Africa. Surrounded by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Kenya to the east, Rwanda to the southwest, South Sudan to the north and Tanzania to the south, the country encompasses a large part of the Lake Victoria.

What is the former name of Uganda?

Uganda's name is taken from the Kingdom of Buganda. The country that was once the cover of the regions in the southern part of Africa, whose capital and largest city is Kampala. Uganda is a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

What is the size of Uganda and its city Kampala Uganda?

Uganda has an area of 241,550 km² of landThe country is about the size of the United Kingdom. Its capital, Kampala, has an area of 195 km² of land (19,500 ha).


How do I get to Uganda?

As a French national, you will need a electronic visa before arriving at the point of entry into Uganda. Whether you are going for business, study or tourism, the length of your stay is also required during the form filling process.

How do I get a visa for Uganda?

To obtain the authorisation or visa that allows you to stay in Uganda, you must apply for a application on the internetbefore you leave.

Online steps to apply for a visa to Uganda

  • Gather all necessary forms

A copy of a colour scan, in optimum quality, of the identity page of your passportOne copy of a colour scan, in optimum quality, of a passport photo complying with French standards, one copy of a colour scan, in optimum quality, of your international vaccination record, including the yellow fever vaccine and, finally, confirmation of your return flights.

  • Filling in the form

There will be several pieces of information to fill in for the Ugandan authorities. You will also need to provide your passport details such as passport number, date of birth, address, full name. At the end, you must scan a passport photo online that meets the required standards.

  • Paying the costs

Pay the visa application fee using a MasterCard or Visa. This visa application will then be sent to the Ugandan authorities to analyse your profile.

  • Get your Uganda visa by email

The visa is issued by e-mail to the address you gave when ordering online. Once received, we recommend that you print out the E-visa.


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